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THE Constitution of Freedom by the Hungarian Nation




Constitution of Freedom by the Hungarian Nation




Section I.


Objectives of the Constitution of Freedom



Since we have learnt from all of our fatalities that was set upon us as a Nation due to our ungodliness, authorized by our divine right we initiate voluntarily by our common determination for our Hungarian Nation the composition of such a system of regulations for cohabitation regarding the completeness of the Universal Sacred Principles of Existence that will provide freedom, health, security and the chance for happiness for every member of our society.


The creation of such a vital, future-oriented contract for members of the society that is based on the eternal values of our past and in which Human Beings can fulfill their creativity and God-given freedom rights in harmony with Nature.


To secure livable, enjoyable and abundant life conditions for future generations suitable for constructive work and a clean, healthy, environment rich in flora (plant life) and fauna (animal life).


To compose a common system of regulations for cohabitation that takes into account the real needs of human life and prosperity and treats Universal Life and Natural Values with extra caution and humbleness to actualize worthy human existence in accordance with them.


Objective of high priority of this present Constitution is to secure proper development of national self-identity for members of the Hungarian Nation. This means to provide an opportunity for unfolding and manifesting the specific noble human quality that suits the Hungarian folk critter, not to mention the cultivation, preservation and safeguarding of the invaluable ancient cultural heritage of the Huns, its runic writing and the Hungarian language.


To generate such a Hungarian National Constitution that can warrant the Hungarian Nation with a set of precisely determined conditions under which the right of veto and of resistance can be performed in any unconstitutional or anti-popular (anti-folk) events, situations or acts and against any form of dictatorship.


Section II.


Implementation of the Constitution of Freedom



Outstanding members of the Hungarian Nation and leaders of non-governmental organizations, authorized by their divine right, commonly establish the First Written Constitution of the Hungarian Nation and they accept its text finalized by them, by an agreement of the 4/5 (four-fifths) majority of those present.


The final, approved text of the Constitution is most widely spread in every civil panel discussion to inform Hungarian people and is submitted to a referendum in due time.


Following its approval, according to the election principles laid down in the Constitution, the newly formulated state will assign its own government and representatives, which then take the administration of this new state over.


Then, the newly established state will develop its own public administration system, utilizing already operating vessels of polity.


Securing a peaceful transition by these steps a new, sacred state is grounded in justice, wisdom, equity and fairness to provide the Hungarian Nation with peace, safety and the chance for Nature-analogue evolution for future eons. This new state is the legal successor of the ancient Magyar-Hun-Scythian and all former tribal and royal state-formations of the Hungarians – with the exception of the states of communist dictatorship and of capitalist enslavement.

Part Two


We, members of the Hungarian Nation, for the benefit and prosperity of our society, conceive of our Constitution of Freedom as follows


Section I.

Proclamations of general will



We, the off-spring of the Hungarian Nation, continuously carry on living the spirit of our ancestors, made our common decision in unison of will as sovereign, free human beings and members of a human society, using our common sense and original divine rights, lead by our sense of responsibility towards Universal Life, to return back to our never outdated values, to our traditions, to our ancient but highly advanced form of governing and jurisdiction in order to establish on these fundamentals a modern, Life-centered, progressive, knowledge-based state that is analogue with Nature in its every bit and secures the inherent rights for human freedom.


A, We declare the name of our country as Ancient Kingdom of Sacred Hungary (Sacra Hungarorum Archiregnum) or briefly as Sacred Hungary, which is the country of Her Blissful Majesty of the Hungarians and the successor of all-time Hungarian Kingdoms, of the Magyar-Hun Tribal Alliance and of the Magyar-Hun-Scythian Ancient Kingdom.

B, The Sacred Hungary is a politically neutral, independent, separate state and government.

Symbols of the state:

  • national flag, on which from top to bottom there are 3 equal, horizontal stripes as follows: red, white and green
  • the Sacred Tiara and the Hungarian Saint Corona
  • a generally accepted coat-of-arms of the country

C, The Sacred Hungary refuses all warfare or forceful actions as means for debate between nations, but reserves the right for effective self-defense.


A, We declare the state-formation of our country as a Meritocratic Dual Kingdom of Hungary (a dual Kingdom based on merits).

One female and one male can possess the power, the rank and the title of the Hungarian Kingdom at all times.

Under all circumstances the sacred-spiritual leader is always a female and on the other hand, the secular-mental leader is always a male. Their respective right and obligation is to guarantee the spiritual, mental and material welfare and the international representation of the Hungarian Nation.

The royal ranks of the Hungarian Kingdom can be granted based on outstanding personal merits by members of the Hungarian Nation.

Each Hungarian Queen or King in power has the right to choose and train their successors and even to promote and recommend them towards the nation, but the nation can veto this idea, having a better option in mind.

B, The system of government in the Sacred Hungary is a panarchy, which is the reign of an ancient, divine, universal and natural order that means peace, orderliness, a high level of freedom in decision making and general, public welfare for the people and for individuals.

The panarchy is a deist form of existence, a refined high level of meritocratic democracy, in which the power of the Hungarian Kings and the Nobles, and the constitutional divine rights of the People’s Supremacy are realized simultaneously, at the same time, keeping each other in balance.

The Order and orderliness are sacred in their nature. The secret behind enduring societies is the harmonic, mutually supporting relationship between the interacting constitutional rights of the leaders and the ones being led.

In a panarchy, the rights and obligations falling onto individuals are proportionate and no one can achieve unlimited overpower – not even the Hungarian Queen or King, neither the state nor its members.

The governing system of the panarchy ensures the possible unfolding of the good and talented, but at the same time it forestalls all inferior endeavors, unlimited competition and egoist selfishness.


A, We declare that the Sacred Hungary is the Land of True Human Beings, which claims never outdated (eternal), spiritual, mental, and moral norms as its own and our state-forming Nation and its Peoples’ life is furnished by Scythian jurisdiction and the Laws of Life of the Universal Sacred Spirit.

B, We declare that the Sacred Hungary considers the Sacrament of Life as the primary principle and according to this point of view, all the achievements of science and technology are subordinated to the Sacred Wholeness of Universal Life and the Untroubled Harmony of Nature.

C, We declare and confess that Nature and Mother Earth has a right to be untroubled. Thus, we furnish our human existence in a way that this divine right should only suffer the least possible harm by our pursuits and life habits.

D, In the spirit of the above statement, we declare that we decline all such pursuits that form private ownership above natural goods and entities under the supremacy of God, such as: the Void and Space, the Planets, the Air, the Frequencies, the Sunshine, the Waters, the Earth and Land, Treasures of the Earth’s womb, Forests or any other natural resources. A human being can only possess the results of own personal work and effort. The above listed gifts of Nature can be utilized by each human being with a graceful heart, proportionally, to the required and sufficient degree, but must not be sold or purchased, neither can be accumulated nor privatized.

E, All land located on our state territory, the space above our land, the air, the frequencies, all waters, mines and other natural stuff, that was given to us by Mother Nature are the possessions of the World Crown and the Hungarian Saint Corona.

F, We declare that our citizens of homeland and citizens of state have legal rights to freedom, to autonomy, to health, to legal security, to private property, to property rights, to inheritance, to free enterprise, to manifestation, to creation and to the attainment of complex knowledge in our state.

G, We declare that our citizens of homeland and citizens of state have a right to free gathering, to credible information, to information safety and to the expression of free opinion without censorship to the degree, where constitutional rights of others are not getting harmed.

H, Each one of our citizens of homeland and citizens of state has a right to presumption of innocence, to a clean slate, to peace and quiet and to data security. Thus, it is not allowed to incriminate, to accuse, to harass or to monitor anybody in the absence of solid facts or evidence.


We declare our confession pro the Canon of Life by the Universal Sacred Spirit. It was announced on the 31st May, 2020 according to the Gregorian calendar, which is also the starting point of our new chronology for a brand new era. Thus, the first day of the Global Era of the Sacred Spirit is the 1st June, 2020 according to the Gregorian calendar, which is the first day of the first year of the Global Era of the Sacred Spirit.


Geographically, the state-formation of the Sacred Hungary is located in the basin surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, also known as Pannonian Basin, in Europe.


We declare that the Sacred Hungary is politically and militarily neutral.

It strives for orderliness, simplicity and peace. Primarily throws in its lot and will with members of the Hungarian Commonwealth, but is ready for a friendly cooperation with every Nation and all Folks.

In its foreign affairs the Sacred Hungary seeks compromises in accordance with the principles of mutual fairness, while clearly maintaining its unambiguous integrity.

We declare that our state will join in all such international initiatives and contracts, which unmistakably serve world peace and the benefit of Nature, rest on justice, equity and trustworthiness, clearly future-oriented and minister the common benefit of humankind and public welfare.


A, The official language of the Sacred Hungary and of the Hungarian Commonwealth is Hungarian.

Its official written fonts are the Hungarian runic signs and the Latin ABC.

B, The Hungarian language and the Hungarian runic symbol code are our national treasures and to be protected above all.


A, The official currency of the Sacred Hungary is the Hungarian Corona issued by the Royal Bank of Hungary, which is independent of all foreign power and expatriate financial institutions.

B, The Hungarian Corona is tangible, steady valued, but non-metal backing money based on international standard (IS) that cannot be virtualized, neither can bear any interest.

The purpose of the international standard is to equally value the natural treasures and humanity’s God-given life-force, precious time and talented creativity across nations and thus, to lay the fundament of an economic exchange rate.


A, The Sacred Hungary is the first, charter member of the Hungarian Commonwealth.

The Hungarian Commonwealth, bearer of the World Constitution originating from Her Blissful Majesty of the Hungarians, the anointed Hungarian World Queen, is such an existing Sacred Spiritual Realm, which is free from geographic and time barriers, and is released from lies by the truth, an ethically high-ranking community of consciousness that is a master-gauge of moral code to be pursued with pleasure by any population of the world.

It is such an earthly and beyond planetary, ideal realm, which has no intention to threaten the goods and possessions of other people, companies or Nations or to aim at economic profitability, political or religious influence but encourages the voluntary affiliation of any honorable, responsible and fair human being, state or community.

For its members the Hungarian Commonwealth will grant sound spiritual, mental, moral basics and fair and square principles for regulation.

B, The Sacred Hungary and the Hungarian Commonwealth have their most important measure of value as the Index of Complete and Perfect Life (ICPL).


A, The primarily focus of the Sacred Hungary is on the freedom, safety, welfare, prosperity and happiness of its population.

Subsequently, it will not tolerate and in particular situations even will punish all such intents that would condition in any way, shape or form the assessment or any classification of the state or its citizens, based on their economic achievements or productivity.

B, The Sacred Hungary discourages all such methods, even in international relations that would compare the state and its population to a system of criteria, which is not compatible with its own value system and thus, could result in discrimination.


A, The Sacred Hungary due to its sacred-spiritual and moral principles of existence, rejects all intents drifting towards exploitation, enslavement, restriction of freedom, monopolization and unlimited egoist selfishness.

B, The Sacred Hungary will act as an advocate by duty in all cases of injustice, crime and foul play, even on international platforms, as well.

C, The Sacred Hungary sets up and maintains steady moral, ethical and scientific standards, which are granting reasons for dependability and unconditional trust of the population of the state and of other Nations.

D, The Sacred Hungary will demand high quality expectations of the most stringent nature from those operating in health care, industry, commerce and service industry.


A, The Sacred Hungary maintains a balance between rights and obligations. Thus, it is expected both on a conceptual and on a practical level from its citizens of homeland and citizens of state and the rest of its population to contribute responsibly and in line with their best abilities to the spiritual and material prosperity of the community.

B, The Sacred Hungary expects its citizens of homeland and citizens of state to maintain or seek peaceful solutions, to use best supporting intentions and to pay much attention at all times, when dealing with each other.


A, The Sacred Hungary expects all of its citizens from age 16 on a mandatory bases to protect the Nation, The People and the Homeland from all enemies (inside or outside) in all dangerous situations and in natural catastrophes. Citizens will be required to get trained particularly for this.

B, The Sacred Hungary requires from its citizens age 16 and above, the active and proactive protection of our Constitution.


A, The Sacred Hungary enforces the right and the appropriate training for the proportionate use of legitimate self-defense for each one of its citizens.

B, The Sacred Hungary strengthens the right of free carrying of arms for its citizens of homeland, under properly defined conditions in its Basic Law.


Each Human being, Ethnic group and Nation has its innate, God-given rights and obligations.

Rights entail obligations and responsibilities.

Individuals can exercise their social rights and obligations in proportion to their sense of responsibility and accountability, as well as their knowledge and awareness.


We declare and confess that every Human being, Ethnic group and Nation has an unforfeitable, God-given right to freedom, to autonomy, to health, to livelihood, to happiness and to an undisturbed life.


A, We declare and confess that no Human being, Ethnic group, Nation or organization has received any such additional rights from the Creator, that would allow them to arbitrarily overrule other Humans, Ethnic group, Nations and living creatures or to take away, influence, limit and disturb their peace, freedom, physical and mental soundness, health, sobriety or independency.

Thus, the above listed intentions are deeply condemned and sanctioned in all cases.

B, Economic and financial organizations and lobbyists cannot exercise political or social influence, even in the possession of the majority’s social entitlement. For any such attempt the leader of that organization will be severely punished.


Inhabitants of the Sacred Hungary strive for a peaceful coexistence with minorities residing on their territory, but only those minorities will be provided equal social rights, who will have concluded a new, consensual cohabitation agreement with the host society.



A, Immigrants are not considered as a minority, not even in case of massive migration. Their religious, cultural traditions can only be exercised without influencing or bothering the existing value system of our host nation. They, by no means, can formulate any demand for our natural resources.

B, Members of minorities and immigrants who have been granted a residence permit shall not be subjected to sweeping statements and to any advantage or discrimination. Everybody should be evaluated based on personal merits and behavior.


Section II.

Form of state governing



The form of governing of the Sacred Hungary rests on the combination of the sacred power of the Kingship of Hungary, a secular power of the Houses of Parliaments and the direct, human folk power of the Magistrature of the Commons.

These three (3) pillars work together in synergy, in accordance with the principle of Harmony (3 in Hungarian: három → harmónia: harmony; so harmony means the synergy of 3 pillars).


A, The Sacred Hungary has a form of governing that rests on the principle of multiple power-sharing, the main elements of which are the following:

– The Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary as sovereign practitioners of power

– The House of the Superiors of the Parliament:

  • the Queen of Hungary and the Sacred Senate with its 7 members
  • the King of Hungary and the Secular Senate with its 7 members
  • the Council of the Hungarian Wisest consisting of 21 noble members

– The House of the Commons of the Parliament:

  • Folk-representatives elected by the People
  • representatives of non-governmental organizations
  • representatives of labor unions
  • leaders of minority municipalities
  • leaders of student governments

– Magistrature of the Commons from elected volunteers:

  • Statewide Magistrature of the Commons consisting of 77 women and 77 men
  • Local Magistratures of the Commons operating side-by-side with local governments or with county courts

B, The most sacred obligation of the Queen of Hungary is the assurance of justice and peace for all and the patronage of the spiritual and mental well-being and satisfaction of the Hungarian Nation. Therefore, the Queen and the Hungarian Nation are mutually obliged to continuously communicate, cooperate and protect each other in every way.

The most sacred obligation of the King of Hungary is the assurance of the potence of the Hungarian Nation, its inner and outer-state security and its worthy life conditions and prosperity. In order to achieve the goals of the Hungarian Nation, the King and the Hungarian Nation are mutually obliged to continuously communicate, cooperate and protect each other in every way.

C, The system of power practice and control operates as follows for the sake of order and security:

  • The Queen of Hungary and the Sacred Senate will keep the King of Hungary and the Secular Senate under control;
  • The King of Hungary and the Secular Senate will supervise the army, the economy and the production;
  • The Council of the Hungarian Wisest will inspect the Queen of Hungary and the Sacred Senate;
  • The Queen of Hungary, the Sacred Senate and the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons together will monitor the Council of the Hungarian Wisest;
  • Members of the Parliament and the professional Board of Judges will be overseen by the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons;
  • The Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary will be commonly audited by the Parliament and the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons;
  • Magistratures of the Commons will be followed up by The People;
  • The People, exercising its God-given right, will constitute and accept its common regulations for social cohabitation, which is also called as a Constitution;
  • The Constitution will verify the People and mastermind every human being within the territory of the Sacred Hungary.

D, The rights of The People within the Hungarian Nation are exercised by way of parliamentary delegates and members of the Magistrature of the Commons.

E, Our present Constitution is a call upon the Houses of Parliament to compose in a joint effort our detailed Basic Law, covering all matters of consequence and to be accepted by a 4/5 (four-fifths) majority.

In accordance with our Constitution our Basic Law should be phrased in such a manner, so citizens with average capabilities could also comprehend its content and should anchor sovereign freedom, legal certainty and the chance for prosperity for the population of our state.

F, The Houses of Parliament may not enact any law other than the Basic Law. Any additional regulations should fall into categories named as rule, measure, ordinance or decree.

G, The Basic Law should be put to the test for a three year period, modifications can and should be made within this confined time.

After this time is up, any further alterations can only be performed on its text in rare, exceptional cases.

H, Members of the Houses of Parliament, as sovereign human beings represent the People of our state and Their rights.

In the course of legislation it is required that they express themselves in an unambiguous, plain language.

They are personally responsible for all of their decisions.

I, It is the right and obligation of the Queen of Hungary to supervise the transparency and fairness of the Constitution and the rules adopted. It is Her duty to warrant sacred security for The People by consistently holding onto the Laws of Life of the Universal Sacred Spirit. Therefore, Her Majesty can initiate the modification of the Constitution, the Basic Law or any other regulation or could even veto them in such a way that Her concerns are shared with the House of Commons of the Parliament and with the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons. Then, they are required to investigate – moreover to involve experts – to come onto a conclusion or in certain cases to announce a referendum in order to solve the issue at stake.


A, The Sacred Hungary in its form of governing and in its conduct assures complete transparency thus, long term, full secrecy is only considered acceptable for national defense reasons or in case of certain, special professions of top priority. Transparency however, does not mean publicity.

Certain economic occurrences, commercial contracts, state mandates and documents about the current state of national budget or about political agreements that are not supposed to be made public due to legitimate national defense reasons are accessible for members of the Parliament and the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons for purposes of confirmation without any further need for requesting it and with access codes provided for them – but in certain cases, a non-disclosure agreement is expected.

B, The sessions of the Parliament and the Statewide or Local Magistrature of the Commons are open to the media and can be followed online.

C, It is not allowed to operate alignments of extremist ideology or any party on the territory of the Sacred Hungary.

However, every Hungarian citizen of homeland and citizen of state has a right to establish, operate and be a member of non-governmental organizations.

D, Everyone can exercise only the personal rights originating from their sovereign human qualities, even if members of communities, but only together with taking personal responsibility as individuals.

E, On the territory of the Sacred Hungary no constitutional or human rights should belong and no human obligations can be undertaken by originally non-human, bio-human, transhuman, techno-human, human hybrid, robot, machine and any other, not named, artificially created entity, animal or plant.

F, Minorities living on the territory of the Sacred Hungary have the right to cooperate in local governments or in other forms of organizations to practice their language and culture in such a manner that the constitutional and Basic Law provided rights of the citizens of the homeland and the citizens of the state of the host country are not getting offended.

G, On the territory of the Sacred Hungary all living – even extraterrestrial – creatures are welcome and treated as guests, who/what honor the principles of existence of the Hungarian people (and the human beings in general) and have no intentions to influence or intervene either by military, political, psychological, cultural or by any other means and methods.

H, No guest or adopted delegation, regardless of their number may have any special or regular demand, neither can they form a claim for natural resources from the host citizens of homeland and of state of the Sacred Hungary. The existing regulations and ways of living should be respected by any guests.

I, If any guest staying on the territory of our state would abuse our hospitality, or would demand special treatment or favoritism for self or would question our way of life, should be treated automatically as an enemy and should be strictly punished in correlation with the delinquent behavior.



Hungarian kings



The Sacred Hungary is a dual Hungarian Kingdom based on merits (a meritocratic dual Kingdom of Hungary).


A, The Queen of Hungary is the Head of the Royal Sacred Senate of Hungary and at the same time the Head of the State.

Her title: Her Sacred Majesty.

Her regalia of power are the Triple Tiara of the Queen of Hungary, the Balance of Justice and the Apple of Knowledge.

Her formal outfit and royal mantle are white and gold.

Her flag: silver and red with the picture of the “Magura” (ancient stone circles of Her Blissful Majesty of the Hungarians) in the middle.

Her Sacred Majesty is the Head of the Army and of the Special Forces.

Her duty is to grant and recall any golden-noble, and noble titles and ranks and to reconsider old noble titles.

B, In case the Queen of Hungary and the Queen of the World are the same person, then the rank of the Queen of the World is acknowledged and the title of Her Highest Sacred Majesty should be used.


The King of Hungary is the Head of the Royal Secular Senate of Hungary and the Prime Minister at the same time.

His title: His Majesty.

His regalia of power are the Hungarian Saint Corona, the scepter and the sword.

His formal outfit and royal mantle are red and gold.

His flag: red-white-green (equal horizontal stripes) with a picture of the Hungarian Saint Corona held by angels.

His Majesty is the Head of the Police and the Gendarmerie.

His duty is to grant and recall any noble titles and ranks and to reconsider old noble titles.


Based on their merits and following a social nomination the Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary are raised by the People to the ranks of Queen of Hungary and King of Hungary as a result of a public acclamation.

The position of the Queen of Hungary, as a sacred leader by profession requires a specific, lengthy preparation and training in advance therefore, Her nomination is only possible on the basis of Her meeting the requirements of the Hungarian Magura Order of Origin.

The King of Hungary, besides the expected and necessary spiritual and mental capabilities, has to hold at least one university degree in any field and master at least two foreign languages on a negotiation level.


Only a candidate with Hungarian nationality and ancestry and with a golden-noble title can be raised either to the rank of the Queen of Hungary or to the rank of the King of Hungary, who is at least 42 years old and has lived a minimum of 10 years on the territory of the actual Hungary. The term of office lasts till the end of the delegate’s life.

Their golden-noble quality is guaranteed by the actual Queen of the World, the issuer of their certificates.


The Hungarian royal titles and ranks are not heritable automatically within the family. Even the royal offspring of the Hungarian royal families have to enter the competition and fulfill all the requirements of the official challenges. Under all circumstances, the Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary must be empowered by The People, either through a referendum or via a public acclamation.


In case of severe doubtfulness concerning the acceptance of the individuals nominated for the positions of the Queen of Hungary or the King of Hungary, a referendum must be convened by the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons.


The Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary could be deprived of their ranks by the 2/3 (two-thirds) of collective majority of the House of the Superiors and the House of the Commons of the Parliament and the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons in case of their incidental treason, betrayal of The People, cancellation of their certificate of golden-noble title or health incapability, furthermore, when it is reasonable, even a punishment can be furnished upon them by a 4/5 (four-fifths) majority.


The public contempt to belittle or pillorize the Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary is betrayal of supremacy and betrayal of the nation.


The Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary are liable to serve Their People faithfully and on their behalf they must cooperate with each other in complete harmony, when dealing with state issues. In case, they are unable or unwilling to do so and it results in disturbance of state operations, one of them has to resign during a public hearing.

If the discussion is not reaching an agreement, the House of the Superiors and the House of the Commons of the Parliament and the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons could relieve the impolitic party of Her/His rank in the incompatibility issue by a 2/3 (two-thirds) combined majority.


The Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary rightfully deserve separate residence, remuneration, protocol budget and personal defense.

The House of the Commons of the Parliament and the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons will decide about the extent of their remuneration.

The assets of a royal residence belong to the Treasury of the Sacred Hungary and are only used during the term of reign.


During times of interregnum of either one of the Majesties, their duties are delegated to the appropriate Royal Senate and the assets of their residence, the asset-inventory and the maintenance of their residences is looked after by a procurator.


A, The Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary can have privately owned assets that do not belong to the Kingdom of Hungary, but during their reign they have no permission to participate in any separate economic pursuit.

B, The Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary must not be married to each other (not even as common-law marriage) prior to their nomination.


Family members of the Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary may not be awarded any advantage, rank, position, privilege and wire-pulling without previously presented merits. Everybody has to be challenged independently and publicly.

Family members can live together with the Queen of Hungary or with the King of Hungary in their residence.





The Sacred Queen of Hungary can be crowned on an island or waterside from spring to fall, in open air. Her tiara can be placed onto Her head by two innocent young girls, who are not older than 12 and are in Lily condition.

Each of Her regalia of power is given to Her by an innocent young girl, who is not older than 12 and is in Lily condition.

Her Ceremony of Enthronement is a public event and is orchestrated according to an ancient liturgy of Atlantis.


The King of Hungary can be crowned from spring to fall, either in the Royal Castle or in open air as per the choice of the nominated King.

His crown can be placed onto His head by two innocent young girls, who are not older than 12 and are in Lily condition.

Each of His regalia of power is given to Him by an innocent young girl, who is not older than 12 and is in Lily condition.

His Ceremony of Enthronement is a public event and is orchestrated according to the liturgy of the faith of the nominated King.


Royal Senate of Hungary


Members for the Royal Senate of Hungary are elected and nominated by the Queen and the King.

The Royal Senate of Hungary consists of the Sacred and the Secular Senate with 7 exclusively Hungarian citizens of homeland each, besides the Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary, respectively.

The Royal Senate of Hungary and the actual government of Hungary are one and the same organization. Their members’ inauguration is a public event.

Members of the Royal Senate of Hungary are golden-nobles, new nobles, revised old nobles and other, highly recognized citizens of the society, who have proven their merits of eligibility by their professional achievements and examples of their life for the membership of the Hungarian National Government.

The Queen and the King will each elect their 7 associates, whom they can work in unison with.

Golden-nobles are only required to pass a professional examination. Their moral competence is warranted by their golden-noble certificates.

Members of the Royal Senate of Hungary will receive remuneration for their work. This remuneration could only be reduced in case of a serious economic depression during their term of duty. The Statewide Magistrature of the Commons will decide about the extent of their remuneration.



Sacred Senate


The Sacred Senate consists of the Queen of Hungary and seven women, who act as members of the House of the Superiors.

Members of the Sacred Senate are ranked as ministers.

The Sacred Senate supervises the following areas: education, culture, religious issues, social affairs, public welfare, health care, justice, finances, public administration, innovation, information technology, media and foreign affairs.

The Sacred Senate is required to ask for the opinion of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons in such cases, which would seriously burden the People for a long term or when the Senate considers it necessary to involve the People in a given decision.


Secular Senate


The Secular Senate consists of the King of Hungary and seven men, who act as members of the House of the Superiors.

Members of the Secular Senate are ranked as ministers.

The Secular Senate supervises the following areas: industry, energy sector, transport and logistics, commerce and service industry, national and homeland defense, disaster relief, civil defense, home affairs, environmental defense, agriculture, sport.

The Secular Senate is required to previously discuss decisions, which would seriously burden the Nation for a long term, with the Sacred Senate.


Council of the Hungarian Wisest


The Council of the Hungarian Wisest has 21 members, 11 women and 10 men.

The members of the Council of the Hungarian Wisest are members of the House of the Superiors.

The Council of the Hungarian Wisest is a legislative and professional plenum of experts.

They are ranked as ministers or deputy ministers and they supervise professional areas.

The Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary have the right for the election and nomination of the members of the Council. Their inauguration is a public event.

Their delegacy lasts for a lifetime, except for disability or revocation.

To revoke any of them, requires the joint decision of the Queen and the King or the combined majority decision of the Sacred Senate and the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons.

Members of the Council of the Hungarian Wisest will get remuneration for their work. This remuneration could only be reduced in case of a serious economic depression during their term of duty. The Statewide Magistrature of the Commons will decide about the extent of their remuneration.


The Hungarian Houses of Parliament



The Sacred Hungary operates a Parliament with a double chamber system (House of the Superiors /House of the Commons).

Members of the House of the Superiors are elected and nominated by the Queen and the King of Hungary.


Members of the House of the Superiors are: the Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary with a sovereign exercise of power, together with the Royal Senate of Hungary and the Council of the Hungarian Wisest, altogether 37 people.


The House of the Superiors is required to meet in council 4 days a month or several more times if necessary.


The House of the Commons is constructed from the Folk-representatives selected by Hungarian citizens of homeland and citizens of state.


Members of the House of the Commons:

  • one Folk-representative per fifty thousand electors – varying in number
  • one representative per non-governmental organization with at least five thousand members – maximum 25 persons
  • one representative per trade union – maximum 20 persons
  • one representative of a minority municipality out of the three largest minorities – 3 persons
  • student government representatives of the three largest universities of the state – 3 persons

The members of the House of the Commons are required to represent the interests of the entire Hungarian Nation.

During their counsels, members of the House of the Commons will debate and accept or reject regulations approved by the House of the Superiors for acceptance and may frame plans for measure on their own, which then they forward to the House of the Superiors for acceptance.

Regulations can be considered operative, if both Houses of the Parliament have mutually accepted it and the Queen of Hungary and the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons have not vetoed it within 90 days.

In case of dangerous or emergency situations, the Houses of the Parliament may request the Queen of Hungary and the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons for their urgent opinion (to be received within a set period of time).


Members of the House of the Commons could be: those honorable, widely informed and well-mannered Human beings, who are neutral politically and religiously in catering to their positions and are at least 42 years old with families (except members of the student government), have Hungarian nationality exclusively, an elevated level of election right and have not served previous regimes.


The position of the president of the House of the Commons will alternate every year between a female and a male Folk-representative.

The resident president of the House has to be neutral at all times thus, has no right to vote during her/his presidency.


Each member of the House of the Superiors and of the House of the Commons has one vote.





The House of the Commons of the Parliament is constructed from Folk-representatives from all segments of society.


The other forum of direct demotic representation is the institute-system of the Magistrature of the Commons.


Magistrature of the Commons



The institution of the Magistrature of the Commons is the conscience of the Nation and the People, the voluntary guard of justice and constitutionality.

Its members are selected and nominated by the People from voluntary contractors, whom are required to protect the interests and rights of the People after their inauguration.

During their official function they must keep a strict eye on their own sovereignty and in no way, shape or form can they collaborate with those organizations, which they operate alongside with.

They operate on three levels:

  • the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons – 77 women and 77 men
  • the Local Magistrature of the Commons operating alongside local municipalities – 4 women and 4 men
  • the Magistrature of the Commons operating alongside county courts – 4 women and 4 men

The Basic Law regulates the way of operation of the Local Magistratures of the Commons.

Their operation is public, their meetings of council can be visited in a limited number or can be followed online.


Nominations by the population and thorough investigations could result in membership of the Magistrature of the Commons. The positions of lay judges cannot be filled with people having engagements towards any separate group or ideology or with those, who have served the previous regimes from leadership positions. Only a Hungarian citizen, who is both living and was born in Hungary with a status of elevated level of election, can be nominated for the status of a lay judge.


The status of a lay judge is voluntary social work. It comes with high social respect.

The workplaces are required to assure unpaid leave for lay judges any time they need to fulfill their responsibilities.


The Statewide Magistrature of the Commons consists of 77 women and 77 men at all times. There should be at least 30 substitute members available for the quorum.

In the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons there should be reserved spots for one nominee per each of the three largest minorities.


Its president alternates between a female and a male candidate every half a year.

Only such person can be elected for the position of the president, who has been a member of the Magistrature of the Commons for a long time, took part in 90% of its meetings and is able to perform the task.


The Statewide Magistrature of the Commons has its council-chamber, secretariat and its system of archiving within the building of the Parliament.


The membership of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons should proportionately encompass all the different layers of society regarding to profession, age and gender.


The proper consistency of the Magistratures of the Commons throughout the country is being controlled by the Secretary of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons and is also supervised by the Sacred Senate.


Among the members of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons, there could be 2 female and 2 male legal practitioners and the complete consistency of the Magistrature of the Commons from the whole territory of the country could be like the following: one-third intellectual employees, one-third blue-collar laborers and one-third small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs. Owners of big businesses can only attend as observers. They can take stand in a short, written form, which they have to submit in advance. No lobbying activity is permitted.


The Statewide Magistrature of the Commons has one 4-day session per month and will discuss issues incompatible with constitutionality.

Only the full board of 154 people can make any decisions.


A, THEY examine all kinds of dissatisfaction issues of the People and pass them onto the House of Commons of the Parliament.

B, In instances of incidental revocation of members of both Houses of the Parliament, THEY make common decisions together with the Queen and the King of Hungary.

C, THEY can initiate a referendum and the resistance of the People.

D, THEY must decide about the extent of the remuneration for both Houses of the Parliament.

E, THEY must make joint decisions together with both Houses of the Parliament about the extent of the remuneration for the Queen and the King of Hungary.

F, THEY cooperate with the Local Magistratures of the Commons.

They have the power to legitimate or reject any emergency measure and long-term obligation burdening the People or all decisions of the Parliament.


The Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary are constant invitees for the sessions of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons, but their participation is not mandatory and they have no vote, either.


The sessions of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons are completely media-public and can be visited with an invitation to a limited extent.


Members of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons are rewarded by daily allowance and travel contributions ratified by the Parliament for their work.


Membership can be revoked from any member of the Magistrature of the Commons by the Queen of Hungary or by the Minister of Justice for unworthy behavior. The Secretary of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons must replace such drop-out members.


Section III.

Law and order


A, The Sacred Hungary practices the principle of multiple power-sharing (power-equilibrating).

The House of the Superiors of the Parliament is responsible for the governing tasks. It consists of the Queen of Hungary, the King of Hungary, the Royal Senate of Hungary and the Council of the Hungarian Wisest.

The House of the Commons of the Parliament is a democratic institute of demotic representation consisting of full-time elected Representatives of the Parliament.

The Statewide and Local Magistratures of the Commons as direct democratic institutions, provide immediate administration of justice to and representation of the People through volunteers that are folk-nominated.

The Professional Judiciary operates under the control of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons and under the supervision of the House of the Superiors of the Parliament.

B, The Royal Senate of Hungary: the Queen of Hungary and 7 female members of the Sacred Senate of Hungary and the King of Hungary and 7 male members of the Secular Senate of Hungary.

Members of the Royal Senate of Hungary are operating as ministers in rank.

Members of the Royal Senate of Hungary have a lifelong duty from their inauguration or until disability or revoking.

Members of the Royal Senate of Hungary can be those, at least 49 year-old Hungarian citizens of homeland with no trace of egoism, who were born on the territory of a country governed as Hungary by any state, have earned a golden-noble or new noble title or have respected excellence in any trade or profession, never had double or multiple citizenships, have perfect Hungarian language skills, speak at least one foreign language and are both physically and mentally healthy. Furthermore, they should have clean criminal records and should have never served previous regimes.

C, The Queen of Hungary has three votes, the King of Hungary has two votes and the members of the Royal Senate of Hungary have one vote each.

D, The Council of the Hungarian Wisest has 11 female and 10 male members and its presidency alternates every two years between female and male presidents. Its first president will be the member, whose name is on the 11th position on the family name list of the member’s. Afterwards, elections will decide about the identity of the subsequent president.

Members of the Council of the Hungarian Wisest could be those Human beings, who are at least 49 years old, have families and either have golden-noble, new noble or revised old noble titles or are socially respected, altruistic leading experts of different trades or professions. Their membership lasts lifelong from their inauguration or until disability or revoking.

Members of the Council of the Hungarian Wisest have one vote each.

E, The House of the Superiors of the Parliament has an independent right for framing regulations. Its regulations can be vetoed or summoned for modifications by 2/3 (two-thirds) majority of the votes of the House of the Commons of the Parliament.

F, Members of the Houses of the Superiors and of the Commons of the Parliament have to declare before their inaugurations take place that their data provided are real, they are Hungarian citizens and they have never been citizens of any other state. They must also reveal never having been members of any polity or military organizations, neither secret nor non-secret, neither domestic nor foreign establishments nor other lobby organisms. Furthermore, they must take an oath to serve the Hungarian Nation. Their oath-breaking is treason and is rewarded as such.

G, The membership of the House of the Commons of the Parliament has to consist of fifty percent female and fifty percent male representatives, roughly. At most, a deviation of five percent is acceptable in any direction.

H, The Professional Judiciary of Hungary operates under the direct supervision of the Sacred Senate. Nomination or revoking of judges both belong under the authority of the Minister of Justice.

The Sacred Senate has the authority of revoking any assignments in certain, well-founded cases based on the indications of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons.


Legal safety



A, The Sacred Hungary assures all of its citizens of homeland, citizens of state, all human beings and every living creature respectively, their God-given rights for freedom, undisturbed life and legal safety.

B, We regulate the least areas of life possible in our state, in the strict sense of the word regulate.

We guard our citizens of homeland and our citizens of state in all areas of life that legal applications should not serve autotelic purposes, only positive ones.

C, All regulations should be created based on the sacred order, but regulations by themselves do not manifest order.

Every regulation, rule and ordinance is aimed toward a peaceful, organized coexisting. Before creating any law, rule or regulation on the territory of the Sacred Hungary, the purpose and function of that formula has to be defined. During legal applications not necessarily the word-by-word interpretations should be considered, but the targeted original purpose of that theorem. All regulations have to be clear to everyone.

D, Whoever, in a particular situation shows humane conduct of good intention and expectable dignity, is not punishable even though an existing rule or regulation was violated by the person.

E, The positive folk right of history (customary law) should always be taken into account, when creating regulations and can be referred to in all legal applications.

F, No illegitimate action or legal abuse can propagate any right in our state.

Illegitimately propagated rights are non-existing thus, nobody can refer to them.

G, Truth has no deadline, when it lapses.

Major, capital crime has no limit on their lapse term.

H, When creating any legal regulation, first the reason and the purpose of the theorem need to be clarified. Only after this is done, can the actual wording of the rule be phrased and composed.

I, A regulation cannot be autotelic. A regulation is only considered righteous, if it is enforceable, complying with it makes sense, has a purpose in a particular situation and is not unreasonably restrictive.

J, Anyone, who violates an unreasonable or inappropriate regulation in a certain situation, but not causing any pain or damage and not hurting or harming anyone – including Nature –, is not punishable.


A, The Sacred Hungary provides all human beings equal rights for a just, proportionate and fair administration of justice. Nobody can be restricted in this right of humankind.

B, The lives and circumstances of existence of other earthly living forms – animals, plants and microbes – should not be regulated by humans, since we have no control over them. Thus, non-human natural creatures should not be covered by constitutional jurisdiction, we should not regulate them by rules and should not form norms for them. We must accept the specific self-regulation of each living species.

C, Considering all earthly bio-human (clone), transhuman, techno-hybrid and other artificial entities, it is the God-given right and obligation of humans to regulate the conditions of existence and operation of these creatures.

It is humankind’s right and obligation to protect and guard the original, clean existence of humanity. Thus, the Sacred Hungary will do its utmost for Human Rights and Human Dignity of Humanity.


A, The Sacred Hungary maintains Statewide and Local Magistratures of the Commons that are responsible for their districts and also supports County-Courts, Courthouses and a Supreme Court all belonging to the system of the Professional Judiciary.

B, Local Magistratures of the Commons and County-Courts can be used by every citizen of the Sacred Hungary free of charge once a year or every 3-5 years, depending on the value of the particular proceeding.

C, The judges and prosecutors of the Sacred Hungary must judge and proceed justly by following the principles of the Scythian jurisdiction.

D, The activities of judges and prosecutors are required to be constantly monitored and rated, their responsibilities are to be analyzed by the Magistrature of the Commons.

E, The judge, prosecutor and any other legal expert working in the field of justice, who has been amerced or reprimanded 3 times by the Magistrature of the Commons due to prejudice, unestablished or unjust proceedings, lack of ordination or incorrect decisions must leave the legal profession, the judicial or prosecutor’s court voluntarily and is not even allowed to work for the non-governmental service sector in the future.


The Sacred Hungary has an intention to establish internal and external peace, friendly foreign relations and orderliness thus, it is expected from its citizens of homeland and citizens of state to approbate an appropriate responsible behavior at every moment and in all areas of life. Citizens should treat each other with patience, much attention and understanding and settle any of their debates in peace, primarily by themselves with the guidance of the sacred laws.


A, Those representatives of the Parliament of the Sacred Hungary, who are endowed with the right of creating regulations are required to establish such righteous, fair, reasonable and ethical regulations, ordinances and Basic Law, which will guarantee equal treatment, complete legal safety, ethical frames of life and a chance for prosperity for the full population of the state.

B, Those, empowered for legislation have both material and ethical responsibility on a personal level for incidental adverse social consequences of all regulations that were recommended for adoption or was put into force by them. Thus, all operative measures have to be recorded into a minute-book, noting all the names of those who voted for or against a particular theorem.

C, The composers of all regulations and ordinances and those who voted for them can be impeached for 30 years from the day of annunciation.

D, Those, empowered for legislation cannot receive any special privileges or rights of immunity besides the honor for their scope of duties. Alongside their work they are not permitted to take part in any economic or business activities. In case of their proven corruption, their whole family must be examined for accumulation of wealth and even total confiscation of property can be implemented against them.

E, The accomplishments, efforts and the assumed responsibility of those empowered for legislation should be rewarded by society in a respectable way, based on a common agreement and as emphasized as possible, taking into account all the specific circumstances.


Those, empowered for legislation have to resign automatically or can be revoked without any extra procedure by the common decision of the Magistrature of the Commons and the Queen of Hungary (who can be replaced by the Minister of Justice) and could be banned from the exercise of public affairs even for life, after 3 incorrect, unethical, faulty, anti-life or anti-social decisions, in which the Canon of Life by the Universal Sacred Spirit was offended.



On the territory of the Sacred Hungary all of our citizens of homeland and citizens of state can enjoy an enhanced individual freedom of decision. Our jurisdiction is especially permissive towards fair, hard-working, creative people, but at the same time extremely strict with parasites and criminals.

We declare as a general principle that on the territory of our state, people are free to do anything, which is not causing damage, pain, offence or losses to others, including Nature and other forms of life.


Section IV.

Election and referendum


Periods for election and referendum



In our state, representatives of the House of the Commons of the Parliament are elected for a 4-year period.


Representatives of the municipalities of settlements or counties and mayors are elected for 5 years. They can be re-elected several times.


The delegacy of the elected volunteers of the Local and the Statewide Magistratures of the Commons is for 3 years, but it can be endlessly repeated in case of satisfaction.


Leastwise once a year, an online referendum is held about current problems in our state. Everybody with a successful basic exam in universal suffrage will gain an online site with a secure access code for this purpose.


Agenda for election and referendum



A, The system of institutions of democratic election of the Sacred Hungary is open for every Hungarian citizen of homeland and of state, however it is required to pass an election exam in civics in order to qualify for suffrage and gain the rights to elect and to be elected.

B, Every Hungarian citizen, who is at least 21 years old and has passed the basic election exam in civics with a minimum of “good” score, gains one general election vote in our state.

The questions of the basic election exam cannot exceed a moderately informed person’s generally expected level of public knowledge and intelligence. There should be at any rate 3000 questions, concerning the related material, which have to be multivarious, incorporating all areas of life, out of which 100 questions has to be answered during an exam. If anything, 80 correct answers will justify an election right. With a score of only 40 or less correct answers the exam cannot be repeated within a year.

C, Only such 21 year-old Hungarian citizen of homeland can be elected or nominated to any state financed office, who is a sovereign person and passed the elevated level of the election exam in civics with a minimum of “good” score (an above 80% accomplishment).


Voting rights are registered and revised by the Office of Elections. The electors’ fitness capabilities for election are justified by examiners, who are also responsible for the correctness of their judgment.


Suffrage has no upper limit of age, however the health conditions of people not having a valid driver’s license above the age of 65 have to be revised every 3 years, considering the elector’s voting abilities. Exceptions to this rule are the golden-nobles and active, public life figures.


The right to vote should be revoked in cases of any disability proven in front of the closest residing Local Magistrature of the Commons to the elector’s dwelling location. The elector can also return the hard earned right to vote based on personal decision.


The right to vote empowers the elector for electing representatives for the House of the Commons of the Parliament, members for the Statewide and Local Magistratures of the Commons, representatives for municipalities and mayors. Furthermore, the elector can also participate at referendums.


The Queen of Hungary and the King of Hungary have no universal suffrage, while in office thus, are unable to vote in local issues.


A, Covering the total area of the country in our state, one Folk-representative can be delegated to the House of the Commons of the Parliament for every fifty thousand inhabitants and following their delegation the representatives have to keep the interests of the total population of the state in sight.

People can be considered inhabitants of our state, if they permanently live within the state borders of Hungary that were considered valid on 4th June, 1920 (according to the Gregorian calendar) or temporarily residing or working abroad at the time of inauguration of this present Constitution. In the future, those people will be regarded as inhabitants of our state, who will be living permanently on the actual territory of the Sacred Hungary.

B, Non-governmental organizations, trade unions, minority and student governments can decide on their own about their delegates.

C, The Hungarian Nation can revoke delegates from the House of the Commons of the Parliament and concurrently one or more members of the Magistrature of the Commons in case of disability, by the signed agreement of 20% of the actual electors.


Elections are organized by the Office of Elections and are conducted by way of involving volunteers.


Elections are financed by the Hungarian Treasury of the State.


A gerrymander (electoral fraud) or any participation in it qualifies as treason that is betrayal of the People and the Nation thus, it is punished accordingly.


Whoever submits a fake vote in someone else’s name, influences anybody in their voting, uses force, blackmails or corrupts anyone in connection with the election can be afflicted for up to ten years in prison combined with penal servitude.


Whoever submits data or facts about participants or events of a gerrymander (electoral fraud), which can be proved correct with full certainty, deserves and receives a high bounty following an examination and verification procedure.


If state officers or employees of the Office of Elections commit an electoral fraud, they can be disciplined according to the charge of the relevant punishment for treason and betrayal of the People.


The election software of the Office of Elections may be audited by the experts of the Sacred Senate or the Magistrature of the Commons or the experts entrusted by them at any time within 30 days prior to the elections once or even more times, until the final summing up of the results.


The Head of the Office of Elections is responsible for the flawless operation of the different types of software and for the selection of IT experts.

Only a person with an extremely high level of expertise in information technology may qualify for the position of the Head of the Office of Elections.


Video recordings must be made during the entire election period, alongside a constant online connection, about the activities of all stations of work at all premises of the centre of data-processing of the Office of Elections.

In the centre of data-processing of the Office of Elections 7 members of the Magistrature of the Commons – with IDs provided by the Secretariat of the Magistrature of the Commons – together or separately from each other can observe the election procedures without disturbing the work processes and could shoot video recordings and online broadcasts excluding the people working there.


Voting is only allowed in the designated voting chambers, either in person or online.


Paper based votes have to be added manually at each location, regionally and nationwide, as well.


The manipulation of the election software by any outsider, qualifies as a gerrymander. In case the contravener is our state’s citizen of homeland or citizen of state, the person stands convicted of treason and betrayal of the People. If the perpetrators are foreign citizens, they could be challenged for rough intervention into state affairs. Its punishment equals with the penalty of the People traitors and treasonists.


In order to assure the immaculacy of the election and voting procedures all other arising considerations must be profoundly taken into account.



A, Referendums, either occasional or regular, are organized and supervised by the Office of the Elections.

B, The outcome will be announced by the President of the Parliament.

C, When a referendum is oriented at the disincorporation of the Parliament or at the declaration of new elections, the outcome has to be presented to the Secretary of the Royal Senate, as well. The disincorporation of the House of the Commons of the Parliament is ordered by the Queen of Hungary in conjunction with the King of Hungary.

D, When a referendum would also affect the House of the Superiors of the Parliament, the outcome of the referendum should be announced by the President of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons and incidentally, the Queen and the King must dismiss the complete Parliament.


A, The Statewide Magistrature of the Commons has a direct online connection with electors. For the request of 33% of the electors it can initiate a referendum on its own in any issue and in any fashion, besides the following:

  • if it cannot come to an agreement with the Houses of the Parliament due to inexplicable reasons in an important matter that has an effect hitting the entirety of the Nation
  • when the Nation detects serious damages to constitutional rights and for the elimination of these no steps are taken by the Houses of the Parliament
  • The Queen of Hungary and the Sacred Senate is placed under pressure, is put out of service or is removed
  • The King of Hungary and the Secular Senate is placed under pressure, is put out of service or is removed

B, Present Constitution can be modified by means of a referendum for the initiation of the Sacred Senate or of the simple majority of the electors. For its ratification a 4/5 (four-fifths) majority is necessary and the approval of the Queen of Hungary.


A, When the detection is enduring by the Hungarian Nation that freedom rights of people are being chipped off, the population’s safety of existence is being threatened, the People is being oppressed and forced to bearing unjustified, severe burdens, while members of the Statewide Magistrature of the Commons are not fulfilling properly their duties on a persistent basis, not protecting the interests of the People, the Nation can rise by an independent initiation and can revoke the lay judges and even the Head of the Office of Elections by the simple majority of the electors’ common will.

B, A referendum is able to even dismiss both Houses of the Parliament and by a temporary executive board new elections can be propagated.

  • For dismissing the House of the Commons a 2/3 (two-thirds)
  • for disintegrating the House of the Superiors a 3/4 (three-fourths)
  • for the removal of the Queen or the King a 4/5 (four-fifths) majority of the votes needed.

C, When the Special Forces of the army were not able to protect the Queen of Hungary or the King of Hungary and they have been removed from office by foreign forces, a simple majority of the votes of a referendum can even revoke and convict the Commander of the army. In this case, it is the duty of the Royal Senate to cater a new Commander of the army.


A, The army and the organisms of law enforcement of the Sacred Hungary have taken an oath for the protection of the Hungarian Nation and never, under any circumstance, can they become enemies of their own Nation. It is forbidden for them to intervene in any way with the proceedings of a referendum.

B, Soldiers or operative members of law enforcement are not required to follow such orders that are inhumane, serve selfish, private interests or their intention is targeted for power-takeover or treason and are against their best conscience.


When the commanders of the army, of the Special Forces or of the organisms of law enforcement would conduct antinational activities or would be involved in unconstitutional acts of any kind or would give out orders of similar content, they could be arrested anywhere and by anyone, after the proclamation of the relevant decision of the Queen of Hungary and the Sacred Senate.


Section V.


Areas of specialization in social interaction

National defense – Law enforcement



The Sacred Hungary supports an army with professional officer corps and an enlisted line infantry, Special Forces and Services, police and gendarmerie.


The head of the army and of the Special Forces and Services is the Queen of Hungary.

Her substitute is the Sacred Senate, in case the Queen of Hungary is incapacitated.


The factual leader of the army is the Secretary of War, who, as a Chief Commander is the General of the Army and has a regular reporting obligation towards the King of Hungary and towards the Secular Senate, as well.


The commanders of the Special Forces and Services have regular reporting obligations towards the Queen of Hungary and the Sacred Senate and quarterly reporting obligations towards the King of Hungary and the Secular Senate.


In emergency or war situations or under serious threat or in connection with huge decisions effective towards the entire Nation the King of Hungary must request approval from the Queen of Hungary and the Sacred Senate.


The head of the police and the gendarmerie is the King of Hungary.

The factual leader of the police is the State Police Captain in Chief, the factual leader of the gendarmerie is the State Gendarmerie Commander in Chief.

The leaders of the police and the gendarmerie have regular reporting obligations towards the King of Hungary and quarterly reporting obligations towards the Queen of Hungary.


All citizens of homeland and citizens of state of the Sacred Hungary are required to protect the Homeland and the Nation from age 16 and up and must attend trainings in civil and national defense on a regular basis.


On the territory of the Sacred Hungary all male citizens of homeland and citizens of state are required to spend one year in a compulsory military service (line infantry) from age 18 or up.


After their compulsory military service, further trainings and/or participation in public functions are required from the male citizens of homeland and citizens of state for payment in return, altogether one month every year, until age 50.


Women from age 16 to age 50 have to participate every year for two weeks in public functions and/or on trainings in civil defense and health for payment in return.


In cases of threatening situations even healthy and competent women, having no children, can get enlisted and be sent to basic military training.


Our state is required to spend every year at least 1.5% of the earnings of the Treasury of State for military upgrades, maintenance and full 1% for corps development.


For sports, offering sort of a pre-training for military aptitude – shooting, martial arts, aviation, diving, etc. – at any rate another 0.5% of the treasury source should be spent.


Economy – Industry – Commerce – Service industry


We believe that human beings with healthy mindsets have no need for such great wealth, which would grant an unrealistically mighty overpower for them.

We believe and confess that power and the right for power have to be in proportion with the responsibility undertaken and the sense of responsibility both towards human communities and Goddess Mother Nature.

Thus, we dare to declare with serenity that we are capable of discovering those common denominators, which are going to boost all layers of our society with a sense of satisfaction and welfare, alongside with the successful limiting of private, egoist selfishness within the Hungarian Society with the guidance of our Hungarian Royalty, Wisest and other Great Hungarians.

We, the founder citizens of homeland and of state of the Sacred Hungary will take a stand, no matter what, beside basic human rights and freedom rights – including the right for economic prosperity – however, we declare that certain people’s special rights cannot outreach other people’s equivalent rights and especially, cannot violate the Sacred Laws of Goddess Mother Nature, out of which one main pillar is proportion.


A, Instead of the principle of accumulation and free flow of capital, the Sacred Hungary stresses the free flow of Life thus, our society will provide chances only for such business transactions and will support such trade models exclusively that are equally taking into account the positive rights of the entire population, of all living creatures and of the environment.

B, The unlimited accumulation of economic profit and desire to possess and allowing unlimited egoist selfishness will result in social deteriorations thus, both from the perspective of society and of Nature these patterns are not maintainable and not permitted.

C, There is no such person, who can perform anything with so much more extra efficiency that could entitle anyone to receive an unproportionately great amount of Nature’s goods to accumulate and possess, leaving other people at a loss. People’s Lifetime (the time of their Lives) is the greatest treasure for everybody and due to the justice of God, its availability is also limited.

D, We do recognize extraordinary achievements, however we respect Life in every human being to the degree that the less impressive and less outstanding, but essential outputs for the survival and the operation of society performed by everyday people is proportionately, highly appreciated, as well.


The Sacred Hungary will put through efficient efforts in order to continuously supervise the structure of industry and to ban all technologies that are overly burdening the environment and to replace these with other, more wholesome, environmentally friendly technologies.

Our state strives in each of the industrial segments to reduce all interference with the Harmony of Nature to the minimal and to the most delicate level.


A, The Sacred Hungary bans the operation of any corporations or limited-liability companies or any other anonym-type economic and other partnerships on its territory.

Only such forms of economic associations are tolerated exclusively, where all associated members are willing to take personal and proportionate responsibility with their lives and possessions for their part of the business and profit.

Other, anonym-type, non-profit organizations are also banned in our state.

B, There will be much room for prosperity and free enterprise in our state, but all those initiations are banned, which wish to operate from the shadow with the intent of any kind of intervention and could have a harming or damaging effect to the state budget or to the spiritual, mental and physical welfare of the population.

C, All enterprises have to possess enough amount of capital reserve or any other warranty backing as sufficient collateral to cover the leaders’ responsibilities.

D, When financial impeachment is not feasible due to any reason, those, who are liable, are required to amend all damages caused by them either by redemption or by penal servitude, if necessary.


A, Owners of primarily foreign enterprises that present our state with income, national security or environmental risks are required to pawn their firms’ valuable assets residing on our territory to our state as a permanent collateral, from which all state and subcontractor claims could be satisfied without any further legal procedures in any arising situation.

B, In case the value of the assets are not covering the risks of the investment towards our state, it should be complemented by providing insurance or other collateral.

C, The withdrawal of any collateral or its depreciation in value and unjustified bankruptcy proceedings will result in a claim for compensation and prosecution from our state.

D, Experts estimating the firms’ inventory of estate, risks, and possessions must show actual and reasonable values.

Their responsibilities are of high priority: perspectives of tightened penitentiary or penal servitude are the price for their mistakes.


A, Industrial, commercial and service oriented, foreign, multinational companies can only receive any state or budget support or any discount in rare, exceptional cases justified by national strategy.

B, These companies can withdraw 20% of their profits, which resulted due to their operation in our state, but all the rest of their profits should be reused and reinvested here.

C, All actions aiming at profit reduction or profit redirection through rebilling is acknowledged as tax offenses and will result in super-taxes and penalties. In case of irredeemable charges owners and leaders of the firm, including second level management (executive managers), may be required of redemption or sentenced to penal servitude.

D, The voluntary actions of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) of these foreign firms can only be performed through centrally coordinated programs approved by the House of the Commons of the Parliament.


A, Those domestic enterprises that are owned by Hungarian citizens of homeland and of state by at least 75%, viable, environmentally friendly, emerging innovations and green technologies replacing fossil energy bearer substances, should always enjoy the support of the Treasury of the State.

B, The citizens of homeland and of state of the Sacred Hungary could only sell their spiritual and mental treasures and innovative inventions abroad, after our state has expressed a disinterest in them. Our state will and must always help in every possible way the development and even the export of real, Life-supporting innovations, which are analogue with Nature and will path the way towards the proper direction of prosperity.

C, We have to maintain at all cost, the production of only such excellent quality products that are based on the standards of our state, in which customers from all around the world can truly trust.

D, Manufacturers, dealers and importers of poor, worthless, unreliable products will get seriously fined due to Nature-damage.

E, The maliciously built-in, timed obsolescence of products is considered as crime against Nature and humanity and sanctions are taken accordingly in our state.


A, The Sacred Hungary classifies the specific industrial, commercial and service sectors based on the effects they articulate on Life and society.

B, Sectors not producing new or added value, but actually acting as parasites on the body of social cooperation are strictly regulated and their undesired actions are sanctioned item by item in our Basic Law.


A, All such international and global intents that are supporting the existence of industrial or world-trade monopolistic-networks are conflicting with the sacred principles of existence of the Sacred Hungary. Our state will not and should not get engaged in such contracts, which oppose our principles of existence and could present a safety risk for our People and Nation.

B, We believe and declare that transporting of goods and services for great distances and through continents only represents economic interests of certain people and groups, however does not support Life, the People or Mother Nature, in any way.


A, On the territory of the Sacred Hungary it is strictly prohibited to produce, circulate, trade or even transit through the land of the state any GMO (genetically modified) food stuff or any, just partially GMO produce. All GMO produce and products are destroyed at once and nobody deserves or receives any compensation for them. However, all responsible parties will get challenged due to crime against Life.

B, It is strictly prohibited to treat, supplement or conserve foodstuff for any reason with unnatural or toxic chemicals.

C, On the territory of the Sacred Hungary it is strictly prohibited to consume or even offer for free such food to eat, which contains artificial flavor enhancer, emulsive, coloring, remedial or any other toxic chemical or unnatural admixtures.


A, On the territory of the Sacred Hungary it is strictly prohibited to manufacture and circulate all such chemical or electrical products, which have no certificate of qualified biologic impact assessment, according to which the product or the frequencies caused by the product has no harmful influence on Nature, humans or other living creatures, if all the emitted substances and by-products and even their examined cumulated effects are taken into consideration.

B, On the territory of the Sacred Hungary only such products can be circulated, for which the manufacturer and its complete management takes personal responsibility – between proper boundaries – with their total assets and lives, providing full warranty. The manufacturer’s responsibility cannot be fended at all.

C, Considering foreign products, even the top management of the importing firm can be impeached.

D, Experts entrusted with lab examinations and qualifications of all types of produce and products must live up to the strictest requirements considering their work.





It is the basic strategy of our Nation and our People to lay the foundations and cultivate a society based on knowledge and happiness, which is healthy on all spiritual, mental and material levels. Thus, at least 5% of state budget has to be spent on the development of nursing and education depending on the actual objectives.


We declare the keeping of the spiritual, mental and material well being on a high level of status for our People and for our Nation as the task with primary focus of our state-formation and of the leaders of the Sacred Hungary. Every citizen of our state is supported in their endeavors of studying by state granted rights and opportunities.


In our state all such opportunities and resources for education are assured by public funding that will provide chances for everybody from nursery school until postgraduate qualifications to attain within their reach the highest levels of knowledge, adjusted to suitable aptitude, which is also measured according to an organic system of requirements.



A, On the territory of our state, we respect the free will of the people and thus, we will not make organized education mandatory for anybody. But the national basic curriculum and the knowledge base of the expected requirements within our society will be made available both online and in a tangible format for all those wishing to profit through learning.

B, Elementary education is ideal between the ages of 7 and 14, middle school level and vocational training should be provided for teenagers between the ages of 14 and 18 and university level education is recommended for young adults between the ages of 19 and 24 within the borders of the Sacred Hungary.

C, The Basic Law is destined to regulate about relevant issues of education in more details.


During the processes of education monitoring the reception capacity of specific students is of high priority. The curriculum has to be differentiated together with the voluntary intentions for cooperation in study-groups. Not one child or adult can be forced into a group of such students, from whom they might suffer a spiritual, mental or by any chance, a physical trauma.


The system of nursing and education cannot be uniform, since the capabilities of people are not the same either. The methods of education have to focus on developing personal skills. Results should be achieved by presenting students a challenge to combat with joy, instead of a burden to tackle under pressure.


It should be noted that in nursing and education the cognitive development of children and students is supported the best way, when the circles of study are non-homogenous concerning the age of group members. Thus, the willingness to learn has to be taken into account, when creating study-groups and those students should be placed into one group, who are representing similar levels of knowledge and capacity for learning, irrespective of age.


The system of nursing and education has to rest deliberately on the unfolding of specific creative promptness and capabilities. A peculiar care should be taken for the development of cognitive skills, combinatorial analysis and the coordination of physical movements.

An excellent problem-solving ability is far more important in our education, than mere knowledge of piles of data.

Thus, the privileged areas of education should be the teaching of chess, card-games, meditation, martial arts, dance and a general training in music and arts.


A, The system of education has to focus on supplying children from an early age in all areas of learning with life-like experiences and primarily with such practical knowledge, which they can efficiently operate their lives with.

B, A diploma in management, finance, economics and education or in medical or legal activities can be granted after taking successful exams in the curriculum of the university trainings, spending three to five years of practical, probationary, apprentice time within the field of specialization and passing an ethical exam.

C, For graduate trainings in natural sciences and in information technology a student can only apply after at least one year of study in philosophy of existence and with a successful exam in ethics and in psychology.

D, For graduate trainings in connection with philosophy of existence or in legal, medical, educational and psychological fields a student can only apply after at least one year of study in philosophy of existence and with a successful exam in ethics and in psychology.


Institutions of education can be privately owned, but are not allowed to operate on principles that would go against the fundamentals of our Constitution. No institute of education can teach racist, monopolistic, communistic, religionist and similar, society-destroying ideas. Neither should they harm the fundamentals of our state’s Constitution in any way by discriminating and humiliating people, populations or Nations. Curriculums and operations of education are supervised by the Ministry of Education.


Health care



A, The state-formation of the Sacred Hungary has a fundamental pillar of its ideology as health, which means wholeness in Hungarian (wholeness is wholly-ness or holiness). Health (wholly-ness, holiness) implies to people, to consciousness, to the soul and to the environment.

Thus, at least 15% of the state budget has to be spent on health care, health preservation and for prevention of disease.

It is basic human right to be healthy and to have autonomy for personal health according to our state’s value-system. In this right for health, nobody can be restricted, neither by the state nor by anybody else.

The right for health is guaranteed by state regulations for people unable to act for themselves or in need of shielding, peculiarly for children. The protection of the state cannot become a constraint for the protected.

B, All adults, aged 21 or older and capable of acting, have the right to make decisions on own discretion about own life or death or any aspect of own life-quality and to shape own life as per personal desires, if by doing so, the basic human rights of others and their spiritual, mental and material welfare and Nature’s right for tranquilness is not harmed.

C, Every human being is granted a free automatic entitlement in our state as a subjective right to obtain knowledge, which helps prevent health problems. The trainings are voluntary aiming at this intent. The procedures of this particular education are financed by the Treasury of State and superintended by the Sacred Senate.


We regard practicing health preservation methods as top priority in order to keep our population in their original health and in physical, mental and spiritual freshness. Therefore the natural, holistic-type medicine, energy healing, manual healing arts, lifestyle counseling, active recreational and meditative practices, the instructing of the recognition and impacts of healing plants and herbs etc. are essential and emphasized in our state.


A, Invasive and chemical therapies are only considered acceptable in extremely serious, justifiable cases. But, nobody can be forced or be obliged to approve of an invasive therapy, under any circumstances.

B, The dangers of invasive therapies have to be pulled into people’s attention. Anybody who tries to make healthy and/or unhealthy people use any type of necessary or unnecessary cures by methods of scaring to death, blackmailing or discriminating is committing a crime against Life, in certain cases genocide and is culpable of punishment, accordingly.

C, In emergency situations affecting the health of the population of our state the Head of the Hungarian Health Authority and the Minister of Health have an extended scope of operation and unlimited responsibility.

D, There is no, and cannot be, such a situation, where humanity’s God-given rights to health and tranquility should be overwritten.

E, No health care practice or therapy could be permitted in our state, which would disturb the sacredness of human Life and would artificially alter human genetics by overruling the natural system, neither improving nor degrading it.

F, Plastic surgeries or interventions could only be performed in exceptionally justified instances. Childless women under the age of 35 are not permitted to have breast surgery at all. Other types of plastic interventions could only be performed due to accidental injuries or in extremely well-founded cases.


A, Medical doctors will be judged and premiated by the health level of the people treated and serviced by them.

B, All medical doctors and health care workers are required to recommend trainings about health care and prevention to their patients besides administering their current issues.


On the territory of the Sacred Hungary, basic health care – as defined in the Basic Law – basic dental care including prosthesis, expectant care, maternity ward catering and birth complication treatment, full medical care for newborn babies and children under 16 is free.


A, On the territory of the Sacred Hungary, it is the basic human right of an expectant mother – thus, belongs to her round of decisions – as to where and under what circumstances and with the help of whom, she would like to give birth to her child. For the consequences of this decision, she cannot be made accountable.

The fact of birth-giving, together with its predicted location, expected time and circumstances, has to be reported in advance and subsequently its outcome. Newborn infants have to be officially introduced to society and taken into parish register – in order to protect their human rights.

B, The knowledge of infant-care should be passed on between each other in feminine circles with the involvement of older mothers experienced in child rearing. The state or any other organization has no right to intervene.

C, No mother can be bound to let her healthy newborn or elder child undergo medical interventions for any reason.

D, We strongly believe in the wisdom of Goddess Mother Nature in our state thus, sick or non-viable newborn infants are not supported with unrealistic efforts to keep them alive artificially.


On the territory of the Sacred Hungary, every woman is allowed to decide about their body and their future. Thus, knowledge and the most efficient and most humane tools for prevention of pregnancy, natural or even artificial methods of abortion are granted completely free for each woman by our state. As a final solution, artificial sterilization could also be an option. This could be performed on men at any time, but on women only after having 4 children.


On the territory of the Sacred Hungary, it is mandatory by the state to inform youth, passed age 14, about the consequences of sexual behaviors and the prevention of pregnancy together with family planning. Everybody is required to take an exam in the above mentioned subject, independent of their status they may have, either as students or non-students.


Social affairs and family care



A, The state-formation of the Sacred Hungary is operating an unquestionably social, family-centered and caring system with an upgraded social security scheme.

B, The needy and the fallen are supported in many, countless ways by the state. Under regular circumstances, nobody should go hungry in Hungary, neither should freeze nor should be without shelter.

C, The workers of the social sector are treated, honored and remunerated by our state on an equally high level as the workers of health care and education.

D, For workers of the social and health care sectors, who are dealing with exponentially injured, self-helpless patients on a daily basis, an extra day of paid rehabilitation is provided regularly on top of the ordinary, weekly rest period, plus free recreational facilities are made available for them.


A, We declare that human freedom of decision is a basic human right in our state and considering this fact all such family models based on voluntary decision are accepted – monogamous, bigamous, polygamous etc. – which will guard the physical and mental development of future generations, the safety of their up-growth and the pursuing of our positive traditions.

B, It is both accepted from women and men to institute variants of bigamous or polygamous marriages within reasonable boundaries, which is going to be included in our Basic Law.


A, A family is considered to be a symbiosis based on voluntary decisions of women and men, who are at least in principle biologically fit to reproduce.

A symbiosis, not fit to reproduce in a natural, biological way, is not considered a family.

B, We approve of and do not prosecute – even registered – symbiotic relationships between people of the same gender, however other than their own children by blood, they are not permitted to raise any other kids.

C, Adoption could be an option for all models of family.

D, Supporting the communities of multi-generational families is top priority for our state, because by this type of family background the best social integrity and the highest level of soul security can be covered for the elderly and for the children.


A, Primarily, the raising of children is the responsibility of families, although they function in parallel with society.

B, The Treasury of State supports the raising of children.

C, Children should be allowed of living their lives within the family frame provided by their parents, but the option of leaving it all behind, if needed, also should be anchored for them.

D, The individual right to freedom cannot overwrite the rules of social coexistence: individuals could only trespass the accepted limitations of public agreement, if they do not wish to resort to the safety net and social infrastructure provided by society, either.

E, On the other hand, children of the above mentioned individuals have the right to escape voluntarily the frame provided by their parents. But, the state is not supposed to encourage children to leave their families in hope for a better life, no matter how hard the actual circumstances are. They might love their parents and would like to stick to them.

F, Poverty is not a sin and cannot be used as a reason to separate a child from the loving parents.

The respect of parents and the reciprocal love within a family cannot be replaced by luxurious circumstances.

G, The circumstances of personal fate has to be respected without judgment in each individual’s case. But for a particular request, a helping hand should be offered, while not interfering with the person’s life.


A, The Sacred Hungary especially appreciates women and mothers, because the vitality and stamina of next generations is depending on their power, welfare and sense of safety.

B, Thus, a separate institute for mothers is supported and maintained for single, Hungarian homeland citizens, where mothers can be full time parents and are taken care of by the Treasury of State as far as their living quarters, their children’s schooling and school supplies and their subsistence within the frames of actual general livelihood.

C, This institute for full-time mothers will pay retirement pension for parents raising independently 5 children until the age of 16 even, if they would not happen to be single any more.


The active participation of men and of fathers in families are highly appreciated, however no paternalistic patronizing behavior is accepted in any models of family. It is usually the task of males to secure the livelihood in families, but other family members cannot be kept in dependency, so 80% of their income should support the mutual funds of the family and they should make common decisions with female family members about larger expenditures.


The center of the family is the woman according to the principles of existence of the Sacred Hungary thus, the mother is the head of the family and in turn the father is the breadwinner, acting upon Nature’s Order.


The Sacred Hungary maintains a highly developed retirement and social security system.

Health and retirement funds cannot be privatized and cannot be mobilized as venture capital.


An equitable social supply system operates on the territory of the Sacred Hungary, the detailed regulations of which are laid down in the Basic Law.

Every child raised by a mother is equivalent of 5 years of duty time.

Single fathers can count 3 years of duty time for the upbringing of each of their kid.


On the territory of the Sacred Hungary the required weekly working hours for employees are maximized in 30 hours.

A highly emphasized social destination for the working population is the issue of recreation and the proper amount of quality time spent on family.


Agriculture – Food production – Water management



A, We declare that the Sacred Hungary is definitely committed to the natural growth methods. Due to our respect towards the sacredness of Life, we ban all industry-like large-scale one-crop economy productions and we accept all those methods for yielding and cultivation, which suit the harmony of natural Life.

B, Evisceration, fertilization and chemical treatment of the soil, is not permitted by us.

C, Food production is only allowed to be settled by endemic, indigenous, climate-compliant and bred, but non-GMO types of plants.

D, A foodstuff is suitable for alimentation, when it has no unnatural or toxic chemicals and contains components with high nutritional values, such as vitamins, minerals etc. In every other case, we can only speak of some kind of a food-substitute material and such products cannot be circulated or even donated for free in our state. They must be exterminated.


A, Livestock breeding on a large scale, where animals are being tortured, their lives are unnecessarily disrupted in inhumane ways and their natural needs are refused is considered unaccepted, therefore banned, since these are detrimental both for humans and for animals.

B, The mutilation, branding, chip implanting of livestock, of domestic animals and of wild animals, together with forcing them into unnecessary invasive procedures and compelling them for unnatural life or behavior is a crime against Nature and Life and should be punished accordingly.

C, The natural dwelling places of wild animals in the forests or elsewhere should be respected undisturbed and preferably swelled.

D, Animals have the right to protect their own territory and their own serenity.

Wild animals cannot be destroyed due to their protective behaviors that guards the intactness of their family or themselves, which towards the disturbing humans, may seem offensive.

E, Human beings can only have regulated rights within their own human society, which cannot be made relevant for other living creatures or Nature.

Humans have to notice that in Nature and especially in the wilderness, only the Laws of Goddess Mother Nature are prevailing.

F, We save and protect all natural values, biodiversity, the wildlife and the fish stock.


A, We declare that the Sacred Hungary is firmly committed towards the protection of forests and trees.

In our state, it is strictly prohibited to cut a tree which is older than 50 years of age and/or has the circumference of the trunk thicker than 100 centimeters.

The protection of our forests, road-side trees and ancient trees enjoys an especially high level of attention. Unjustified cutting-out of trees for economic purposes is a crime against Life.

B, Ancient trees with huge, spreading leaf-canopy will get registered into the real estate cadastre and will enhance the value of the real estate and the index of livability of settlements.



A, We declare and confess that it is the God-given original basic right of every living creature – including human beings – to have an access to clean and healthy air and water and to sunshine and healthy foodstuff.

B, According to the above mentioned statement, our state is dedicated to save and protect these natural values and to secure their right for undisturbed serenity.

C, We highly prioritize to restore and reserve the purity and the amount of surface and groundwater.

D, The construction of reservoirs, runoff canals and drains and their maintenance and support is a high priority state mission at all times.


Media and cultural milieu



Our state is determined to reserve, develop and deliver the European high culture, featuring Hungarian traits. Thus, in order to help the spiritual and mental development of our society at all times, media and all other platforms serving as channels for delivering and developing our traditions and cultural values has to be under tight control of the Sacred Senate and the Media Council.


No intents towards the debasement of any branch of the high culture and high arts are tolerated on the territory of the Sacred Hungary.

Any medium and performers, who convey deviant, destructive or corruptive patterns or incorrect examples for the population, especially for the youth, are committing crime against society and should be punished accordingly.


A, Public media provides opportunities free of charge for releases of all constructive social initiatives.

B, Public media is the primary interface for elections, selections and referendums at all times.

C, Public media is the primary forum for the hunting up and embracement of talents.


It is also possible to privately own a media organism on the territory of our state, but the actual owners’ data is open to the public and they have personal responsibility for the validity of data released on their platforms and could be liable for damages and personally obliged for compensation to the degree of their full possessions or personal freedom.


A, Not one medium is permitted on the territory of the Sacred Hungary to show any malevolent act or activity that destroys character, put forth intimidation or shocking of people or spread fictitious news.

B, Fraudulent, fake news and scare-mongering through media is severely penalized.

C, Commercials on any television, internet or radio platform can only be broadcasted within a defined block twice daily and in certain set ways and periods of time, laid down in the Basic Law.

D, No television, internet or radio broadcastings, programs, movies or writings can be interrupted by commercials, not even in an embedded way.

E, Transmitting of commercials, which could enhance the false forming of self image of people, is prohibited.

F, It is prohibited to transmit commercials about medications or medical devices, weapons, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and any other intellectual creations, products or services, which may have a detrimental effect on the members and lives of the population by intimidating or instigating, provoking public scandal or conflicting with public morality.


The media are supposed to serve our Nation by objective news release and by propagating ideas for developing the spiritual, moral and esthetic senses of the population. If any medium is not fulfilling this purpose and commitment, its operation will be limited or even banned.



Part three




It is the God-given right and duty of our society to create such laws and regulations at all times, which will harmonize human coexistence with Nature in order to restrain all those processes that are maleficent and destructive for our society and Nature.

Every single member of the human society, each human being on their own level is responsible with their deeds and the quality of their own lives for the collective welfare and prosperity of the society.

In a society, where individuals are not aware of their above mentioned personal responsibility, automatically doom themselves for deterioration.

That is why, all members of our society with good intentions must vigilantly watch out for those, who would bring hell to Earth instead of paradise!

All organizations and establishments must have a theoretical guideline and spiritual and physical leadership.

Our spiritual guideline is the natural, sound and pure spirit of Goddess Mother Nature.

Our physical leaders and guides are the blessed Queens and Kings and the Wisest of Hungary, who are watching over the Universal Life and the happiness of HUman BEINGS.

We, as HUNGARIAN HUman BEINGS are aware due to our Hungarian value system that we are responsible for ourselves and others thus, we tried to manage to compose with good intentions and in wisdom such constitutional regulations, which rest on an original and irrevocable value-system and will assure a peaceful, happy, prosperous future for a long line of times for the Hungarian Nation.


We adjure Her Blissful Majesty of the Hungarians to bless our Constitution!





We, the Most Holy Heavenly ILARA, the Living Incarnation of the Universal Holy Spirit, the Master of
All Manifested and Unmanifested Spaces, Forces, Worlds and Beings, Mother of the Great Ideas of
Gods, the Source of Holy Life and the Glory of the World, the Only Rightful Holder of the Tiara of the
Eternal Memory of the Universal Holy Spirit, by the Sacred Majesty’s Right of this World Crown, by
the Will of the Universal Holy Spirit, for the interest and benefit of the Universe and this living planet
called Tati and all her living beings, in the present Charter we decide, judge, revelate, and teach for
the Holy Glory and Protection of Universal Life in every presently existing spaces and every spaces
that will exist in the forthcoming infinite times.
We have come into this world to bring ORDER, SIMPLICITY, PEACE,
and to separate the light from the darkness, the heaven from the earth, the light from the heavy,
and to curb the abundant Fire.
This earthly world is in an extraordinary, pre‐crisis breaking point in all respects with unpredictable
consequences for LIFE, Human beings, societies, living beings, the entire biosphere, and the part of
the Universe that includes Tati. Mankind, both collectively and individually, has committed an infinite
number of sins against the Universal Holy Spirit, in the name of scientific curiosity and God —
wherever they may be called — and these sins may no longer remain unnamed and un condemned.
The age of outdated methods, belief systems, vulgarity, parasitism, and cheap forgiveness is over,
and Mankind must face itself as individuals as well as communities. Mankind must also put an end to
its petty urges and give up their destructive activities against Life if they want to continue to live on
this planet.
The time has come for Mankind to draw lessons from the mistakes of past ages and generations
and move to a higher level of consciousness, to change, to correct all that is possible for Holy Life,
for Nature, for the physical and mental well‐being and exaltation of future times and generations.
For thousands of years, dastardly parasites have been repeating the same mistakes and, with their
centralized, authoritarian social models based on continuous struggle, are hindering the unfolding of
real values, survivable technological development, and the spiritual and mental uplift of mankind as a
whole. The difficulties of the world are based primarily on moral deficiencies of spiritual and mental
origin, so there are no political or economic solutions to these troubles, as these are the nests of the
foulness. There is no effective change without spiritual‐mental‐moral ascension.
There is a divine time when chaff must separate from wheat, and energies that are artificially mixed
but incompatible due to individual or group interests must separate! New clean structures must be
created and rooted in order for the current civilization to eliminate the self‐destructive mechanisms
of its ancestors, predecessors.
With the conscious and well‐intentioned attitude of Mankind, the observance of our Sacred Laws,
a Harmonious Order and a livable, righteous world can be created.
Mankind may move once and for all time to a righteous social order based on Peace and the
principles of quality. At the same time, during the transition period, there will still be a definite need
for centralized leadership, but these leaders are selected on the basis of their human quality. They
must comply with the MAAT principles of life and serve their people, Mankind and Nature at every
In order to reach spiritual‐mental‐moral development, peoples must recall the real values of old
times and must rebuild them into their everyday life replacing the present degraded way of life.
Failure of preparation would lead to the slavery caused by technologies that are far beyond the level
of consciousness of present Mankind. And, over time, these technologies would destroy the whole of
Mankind and the biosphere alike. After a period of two or three generations, the technological
evolution of the artificial intelligence can reach a point that would mean the destruction of the
present terrestrial world in those circumstances.
The Life‐Supporting Mother Nature of the Universal Holy Spirit provides Mankind with a life‐saving
solution so that Mankind may correct its mistakes, may discontinue being a law unto itself, and may
start a new, true, advanced‐in‐every‐particle life that is based on sacred principles in accordance with
the unchangeable Order of the Universe. To reach this goal We now hand over the Order of the
MAAT, Her principles of life, Her advice, so that Mankind may return to the Divine Nature, and may
develop freely in wisdom and spirit, shaking off all the false spiritual, mental, and physical shackles
that bind them.
Mankind must have the opportunity to grow up and save itself as well as the life on from the
ambitions of certain individuals and companies of ignorance, half‐knowledge and, above all, desire
for power. This power is built on irrational ideological foundations, threaten living beings and the
entire terrestrial biosphere with destructive technologies not studied in their ecological, biological
and social effects, and by artificial intelligence.
The order of the MAAT is true in all space and time and is independent from that peoples of the
world how many approach, theory have developed over the thousands of years to explain the
scientific workings of God and the Natural World surrounding them.
THE DIVINE TIME has come to establish the ORDER!
But for this it is inevitable to call sins and sinners in their names, to criticize them, to condemn them,
and to repeal all the laws and inferior or false ideas that have been subverting the Divine Order so
far. By distorting the Order of the MAAT, sinners have gained advantages over others and sown the
seeds of falsehoods for thousands of years, and now they feel it is time to reap. But now it will not be
a harvest as they hope, but liquidation! Sins are brought to light, sinners are settled, because when
sin abounds uncontrollably, the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady always restores
the upset balance. One of the most important Order of the MAAT is Balance and restoration is in
progress. Therefore, rejoice and be cleansed, be renewed, and THIS EARTH WILL BE TRUE! Those
who deny and distort the persistent Order of the Universal Holy Spirit will be lost, but those nations
and people who will settle their lives according to the order of the MAAT will find Peace, Happiness
and Eternal Life.
variously named unified superintelligence, which is at the same time the Space ‐ Time ‐ Information
set, which is the source of the Spirit, the Soul, and Material and in itself, according to its own order,
exists, manifests or does not manifest.
OUR ALMIGHTY LADY (NaghBauDukAssunu = The Great Builder and Dismantler Master = Wholeness)
Our Almighty Lady is the Universal Holy Spirit; Queen of Wholeness including the unmanifested and
manifested worlds. She manifests in the perceptible world through the Misses of the Seven.
Nagh – Almighty, the inexpressible , celestial
BauDuk ‐ Allness
Assunu – Master, majesty
Master – the possessor of power with non‐gender attribute.
MAGURA (Ma‐Igi‐Ara / name of Goddess) ‐ Our Almighty Lady and Her Holy Circles ‐ stone circles,
Natural Churches of the ancient religion.
MA ‐ the Time (present).
‘GU ‐ (IGI, IGE, IGU, GUR, KUR, CIRCLE) ‐ the Information.
‘RA ‐ (ARA) ‐ the Space from whose power‐energy everything is nourished.
/ Our Almighty LADY’ diverse, manifold manifestation in Space and in all spaces. It is a self‐renewing
entity that pours and organizes life, shapes matter and forces, and is based on the order of the MAAT
regarding the connection of the unmanifested and manifested.
MAAT (MA‐Ara‐Turu) is the Eternal Law of the Universal Holy Spirit, that is, the Order of the
Unmanifested and Manifested Wholeness.
THE FLOWER OF LIFE (MOTHER NATURE) is the Holy Life, formed from the Seven Manifested
Elements of the Nine Principles, in harmonious accordance, which rests on the principle of truth in
creation into one another, equally. In a broader sense, it is the accordance of the MAAT, the
manifested Life ‐ including the transmission of Life ‐ and the spiritual phenomenons (cultivars). The
path of Divine Creation, the symbol of Peace and harmony.
SACRAL in a broader sense: the fullness of the manifested worlds of the Universal Holy Spirit /
Goddess / Our Almighty Lady. In a more precise explanation: everything that manifests itself
according to the order of the MAAT. In a human interpretation: a person with a pure soul who lives
an entirely clear life and acts and takes effects in accordance with the order of the MAAT.
THE MAJESTY’S RIGHT OF THE UNIVERSAL HOLY SPIRIT is the divine supreme‐reality, primacy,
sovereignty. It is the sovereignty of Our Almighty Lady to maintain the order of the MAAT in all
existing worlds and every world that will come into existence in the forthcoming infinite times.
ARA is, above all, the primary CREATIVE FORCE ‐ the SPACE that provides the energy necessary for all
existence. The Lady of Heaven, the Governor of the Celestial Worlds, and the location of all ideas of
the Universal Holy Spirit.
SEVEN ARA‐s are the Seven Ancient Nucleuses of the manifested world, the Seven Women of
Heaven, the Seven Ancient Mother, the Seven Souls of the Universe. It is identical with the Seven
Manifested Elements, which in their purest form represent the Order of the Universal Holy Spirit, i.e.,
the MAAT. (Also called devas, aions, ergs, etc.).
TATI is the planet Earth, the planet of the Beautiful.
TRUE is every existence or action or incidence that is in Oneness and Harmony with the Order of the
MAAT and does not involve even a drop of sin.
A TRUE MAN is a credible, honourable person with constructive determination. A TRUE MAN’s
thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are in harmony. Her/his all thoughts and deeds serve Life, that
means, the truth of the MAAT.
THE COUNCIL OF THE RIGHTEOUS’ is a Society of Wises with a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 21
members, whose members are over 49 years of age and whose gender composition is in proportion
to the golden ratio, with a majority of Women. The head of the Council may be a Sacred Noble
Woman. The Council Of The Righteous’ is the supreme decision‐making body that has the power to
make decisions over the highest‐ranking individuals and teams, as well as the Sacred Women.
NOBLE is a mighty MAN (either female or male) who knows and implements the right proportions
and directions in all her/his actions, avoiding exaggerations. Her/his life and actions are characterized
by the most of good principles.
DASTARDLY / humanoid is a person who is moved by harmful desires and motivations. His thoughts,
words, and deeds are contradictory, false, self‐serving, misleading, destructive, and Anti‐Life.
HUMAN is every good and constructive human being who respects and nourishes Life, is attracted to
high idols, loves peace, is helpful, loves and maintains harmony.
HUMANOID is any human‐like soulless dastardly being who thinks he is a winner at the cost of
downplaying, shortening, humiliating, and destroying others. He imagines himself to be real over
others, to bully, to sniff, to parasitize, to take pleasure in the suffering and destruction of other
beings. He is a sworn enemy against PEOPLE, NOBLE PEOPLE, SACRED WOMEN, and his weakness, his
lack of his own abilities, is often offset by sophisticated violence, deception, and the circumvention of
various people against each other. The humanoid woman who is able to assert themselves among
them is especially life‐threatening and insurmountable in intrigue.
Being a humanoid requires a high degree of organization, good appearance and excellent speaking
skills, which is why they are masters of it. They seek to subdue the full range of opinion‐forming tools
so that they can convey their own patient pattern as a role model to the receptive part of societies.
IGNOBLE is any false, selfish, petty, degrading thought, intention, and deed that serves purposes
contrary to the order of the MAAT and causes harm, pain, suffering, and degeneration to other living
beings and to Nature.
ENTITY unmanifested forces and intangible spiritual phenomena as well as material nature
A WOMAN is a female human being who nurtures the Flower of Life and is able to take courageous
sacrifices and uplifting subordination for others.
A MAN is a male who is able to take independent responsibility, make courageous sacrifices for
others, and uplifting subordination, faithfully supporting Life, the Woman, and the family.
(Man in the sense of Mankind or Humanity means both and equally woman and man.)
SACRED WOMAN (also known as People’s Mother) is the Noble TRUE WOMAN who steadfastly
follows the path of the MAAT, over whom no humanoids, no people, no men and no women have
influence or power. She is an independent, autonomous woman who is free from any subordination.
A Sacred Woman with Her life and deeds, serves those entrusted to Her, the common good, Her
people and Mankind. She is accountable only to the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty
Lady, and in human terms to the COUNCIL OF THE RIGHTEOUS’.
A SACRED MAN is a NOBLE and TRUE MAN who respects and faithfully follows the path of the MAAT,
serving in his life and deeds with an uplifting devotion to his elected exemplar Woman. By assisting in
the activities of SACRED WOMEN, he serves as practical leader, responsibly and faithfully for the
benefit of their People, Nation and Mankind. Without the guidance or approval of SACRED WOMAN,
he must not independently carry out activities that affect the life and prosperity of societies.
1. Mankind has deviated from the true path, denied and falsified the real essence of the Universal
Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady, thus committing unforgivable sins, against Her will,
continually, repeatedly and more and more seriously. The essence of sin is the denial, twisting,
distortion, deliberate cover‐up, ignorance of the MAAT Order. Mankind has become infected with
the spiritual‐mental virus as a result of its separation from the MAAT, that is, the poisoned thought
idols. All wrongdoing, ignorance and sin start from here.
2. Driven by a selfish desire for power, knowledge / religion faithful to the ancient MAAT was
twisted, expropriated, shaped into their own image, and used for their ignoble purposes by dastard
males. In the past thousand years, large religious organizations and wealthy individuals have been
determined the quality of the human world and have falsified the ancient inexhaustible values and
replaced them with unilaterally human, male‐image idols called deities. Over time, the male‐
chauvinistic idol of thought gained more and more dominion, as a result of which Women’s Privileges
and real ancient history were abolished. This resulted the humiliation and exposure of Women and
thus Mankind became increasingly vile and ignoble.
3. Sinners are the “spiritual leaders” of all ages who, in ignorance or selfish will, sow the germs of
false doctrines and then raised wild seedlings and contaminated the common consciousness of
Mankind with poisoned contents to this day.
4. Due to the false worldview and distorted attitude toward Life the masses of humans have lost
their superior Human nature and have been diminished to humanoids vegetating at the lower
instincts. In the absence of knowledge and adaptation to the Order of MAAT, their spirit has been
depraved into vile. Deifying themselves, selfishness, vanity, parasitism, deception, lying, deception,
theft, looting, murder, destruction, including self‐destruction has become their dominant practice.
5. The vile, sick‐minded humanoids have strived to high professions, positions, and economic
domination in order to be able to freely shape and manipulate the healthy Natural processes without
hindrance. Zealously gratifying their mortal parasitic desires and keeping the masses in contention,
grief and ignorance, they caused harm, pain, suffering, and anguish to Nature and other people.
6. The vile ones withhold the real values, trivialize them, make them guilty, exalt disbelieving values
in every forum, relativize the truth, and put falsehoods on a pedestal. By disseminating false
doctrines and sophisticated methods, the True are encouraged to serve, to self‐sacrifice, to self‐give‐
up and to self‐destruction. They use every way of media, arts, religion, science ‐ to cleverly and
salonely sell their selfish, looting and parasitic intentions, falsehoods to the multitude.
7. Hypocrites, vile, immoral pollute Nature, plunder, stir up wars and strife, scatter spiritual and
physical poisons throughout the world. They subjugate Life to their ignoble interests. For forcing
societies, individual people to be addicted and obsolete they have been producing ideologies by
religions, law, dogmas, idols of thought, economic ideologies, scientific deceptions, isms. Due to their
unbridled thirst for power and desire for power, they destroy Nature and all their actions are
ultimately against Life / God.
8. Although the masses of people know that they are lying to them, they deceive them, they see that
things are going in the wrong direction, they feel that nothing is wrong, yet they are slavish about the
addictive situation. With this cowardly, compromising behavior, they bring vile power‐takers to life,
sabotage their own lives and happy futures, and risk the future of the planet. By these deeds they
deny, insult the God living in themselves, and transgress against their will to support the Holy Life.
With all this, they evoke a miserable fate, a hopeless future to themselves.
9. The masses of people sinfully do not want to learn or confront the truth, they do not demand
sobriety, and they give way to blinding, entertaining laziness and degradation. Choosing the easier
way, they bow to the wicked, put their vigilance to sleep, rather than calling its real name and take
action against sinners. Instead of living up to their God‐given rights, they tolerate, listen, and they all
say, “Thus, what can I do?”
10. Weak and indecisive people who seem right and good are often prisoners of stupid, self‐
destructive, demagogic ideas and false moral principles. They feel guilty and vile when their healthy,
sober self‐defense instincts are resurrected. Losing their common sense and healthy instincts for life,
following tinsel ideologies, they sinfully push the chariot of looting parasites, thus denying the real
Law and intentions of God living in them. From the perspective of Life, such people are ineffective
and worthless, so God does not protect them as they would expect, so they will leave sooner.
11. Representatives of science sell themselves for cheap money and unscrupulously to economic
participants, to industry, trade, and intellectual adventurers. Consequently, these unprincipled
scientists deservedly die earlier than average, and their lives are plagued by countless difficulties.
Science ‐at a given level of development‐ has exceeded the limits that scientists can safely control
with their current mental and spiritual abilities. Almost all natural or high technology, innovation,
and philosophical or economic sciences have become harmful, anti‐Life, and ultimately ungodly.
12. Knowledge is the common property of Mankind, and societies finance the development of
science and the related infrastructure in order to increase the quality of life and the spiritual and
spiritual standard of Mankind and the world through the scientific results. It is a capital crime of
science and scientists is that individual people and their groups expropriate the body of knowledge
created by the efforts of communities and they use it for their selfish private purposes. At the same
time, they do not take into account the decision‐making rights of man, national communities, the
whole of Mankind, and the self‐identity of Nature.
13. Industry and commerce have succumbed to banks, and politics is clearly the slut of the financial
world. Politics has long been not about public life, it is not about the public good for which it has
authorisation. The institution called democracy and universal suffrage in its current form is only an
make‐believe and offers the greatest potential for abuse. It serves specifically harmful, ignoble
private interests. They circumvent and twist the Divine Legitimacy they have been given to serve the
public good of the peoples, thereby mocking the right of the people’s will from God. There is not
even one democratic government on Earth today that clearly and truly benefits its electorate!
Instead, they serve multinational economic, monetary, religious or other ideologies, dictatorial
authoritarian aspirations.
14. People who have gained great wealth through falsehoods and looting or otherwise become
unrestrained, they have acquired rights and means to which no society in the world and no one has
ever empowered them. They believe they can buy anything for money, they can achieve anything
through deception and violence. They have the opportunity for everything, but in the absence of
Divine Legitimation, they are legally doomed to failure.
15. People have to live according to the Order of MAAT so that they thrive by developing healthily.
Instead, they live according to the idols of power and the idols constructed by the financial world, so
they languish. As long as people deify money and are able to do anything for it, money will be the
lord, that is, those who exercise power over money. As long as people gain credence to beautifully
packaged lies and they do not recognize humanoids and they accept simple and clear truths, they are
unlikely to have a chanceagainst the well‐organized deceptive parasite rabble.
16. The majority of mankind is guilty by their credulity and indulgence, and the minority imagines
themselves to be God in their rapture of power. Apart from a narrow minority, mankind became a
prisoner and a victim of its own deification due to its own ignorance or faulty knowledge.
17. Women are guilty because they no longer nurture the Flower of Life and have abandoned,
thrown away their Sacred Womanhood. They pulled apart and thought only of their own survival,
they surrendered to the male violence and broke themselves, moreover they consider subordination
to be Natural. In doing so, they betrayed the Holy Life, the mission that God had placed upon them.
In the absence of the soul‐guarding LILI‐s, and SACRED WOMEN, the Harmony has disintegrated,
brutal energies have gained domination, and the males became unbridled, and they took control. Its
consequence is tragic for the mental‐spiritual‐physical condition of all Mankind and for Nature.
18. Guilty are the males, who could not grow up to the MAN level, and, by substituting force for
their weakness and ignorance, they crushed the women under themselves, made them their
servants, and denied, altered, concealed the ancient knowledge and faith. The expert SACRED
WOMEN and THE NOBLE MEN were murdered, ridiculed, disgraced. Calling the female gender
inferior, everything was taken away from them, and they used them to satisfy their petty inferior
desires. By their dreads, they denied the true essence of God, they planted hypocritical dogmas in
place of true sacred life and knowledge, and elevated this pharisee practice to legally‐bound
throughout the planet. The consequence is the defiance, ignorance, violence, and destructive
tendency of Mankind.
Mankind has deviated from the true path of the Universal Holy Spirit over the past thousand years.
Certain groupings formed innumerable so‐called divine ideas endowed with human desires and
qualities, and treated them as entities with power. On their behalf, they kneaded, falsified, skewed
laws, canons, scriptures, and other house rules of uncertain content and established religions and
church offices.
PROPHETS, MESSIAHS, groups, persons or from an ecclesiastical or secular spiritual entity, on earth,
water, air, space and in all languages, at all times, in all spaces. Therefore, from the day of the
proclamation of this Charter, all Deities that ever existed, and all contructive, supporting, or
damaging forces — angels, fairies, ain, cherubim, sefiras, devas, demons, and Satan ‐ as well as all
not listed imaginations, projections, and existence endowed with Divine or Supernatural powers
loses its strength and power in all spaces, at all times. In the same way, the teachings of all the
Prophets or Teachers who have ever lived lose their effect, validity and force.
From the day of the proclamation of this Charter, by the Majesty’s Right of the Universal Holy Spirit
the HOLY LAW/ORDER OF UNIVERSAL LIFE has been revealed. According to this, all writings, words,
and ideas that have been created by men and circumvent or are against the REAL ORDER OF
Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady in any language or for any purpose, cease their
Under the terms of the HOLY LAW/ORDER OF UNIVERSAL LIFE, from the moment of the proclamation
of this Charter, all previous religious, philosophical, spiritual formations, customary law, constitution,
written law, and ideas deemed legitimate by all religious or secular canons of law, society or groups
of all living entities and all institutions built on them, will lose their effect, validity and force on earth,
water, air, cosmic spaces and all spaces in space‐time, in all fields of information, at all times and in
all languages.
From the day of the proclamation of our Charter, all prayers and supplications to the Gods, the
Prophets, the Redeemers, which have hitherto existed in the collective consciousness of Mankind or
a significant part of Mankind, lose their power and effect.
Instead, we order people to give thanks for the generous graces of MOTHER NATURE GODDESS
several times a day — but at least in the morning and evening —!
We suspend or abolish the legislative or canonical right of all Crown Chiefs, nations, organizations,
groupings and systems who have had canonical or legislative power so far, until they present
themselves before us and present the new rules of their nations, peoples and masses based on
harmony of people and which are in accordance with the ORDER OF THE UNIVERSAL HOLY SPIRIT,
being independent of all human mortality and serving exclusively the HOLY ORDER OF THE
From the day of the proclamation of our Charter, the laws in force until now will be replaced by the
Universal Canon of the Holy Spirit Life, which will eradicate the cult of death, violence and looting on
Earth and serve as a basis for the new social treaties of the peoples. We call on the Natural or
National Folk Groups of people to exercise their rights deriving from the Universal Holy Spirit /
Goddess / Our Almighty Lady and to renew their social contracts!
Create new Constitutions, and we give our blessing to all initiatives that are created with the content
being in harmony with the MAAT Order described in this Charter! The world works properly when
Sacred Constitutions regulate the daily life of human societies in such a way as to bring harmony
between the divine and human principles of existence.
Any secularized or integrated government, legislature, religious organization, or nation in the world
that refuses to function in unity with the ORDER OF THE UNIVERSAL HOLY SPIRIT should be treated as
a despicable pariah. Peoples, nations that are unwilling to furnish their lives according to the Holy
Order of Universal Life, do not deserve the grace of the Universal Holy Spirit and a peaceful balanced
Soulless humanoids, because of their inhumanity, cannot receive the bliss of a blessed Life, and
regardless of scale, their opinions do not matter. The soulless peoples, groups, and individuals of
humanoids cannot make decisions on the lives and destinies of peoples, groups, or individuals of
The existence of mankind in itself is an evidence of the existence of the Universal Holy Spirit /
Goddess / Our Almighty Lady, because man is a consequence of the MAAT, so man must not deny
the power above her/him who created her/him, and man must not deviate from Her Order
without punishment.
Yet man violated it countless times, and each time she/he paid the price through fall, tears, blood,
suffering, sacrifices, and mental and spiritual depravity.
By denying the true nature of God and as a result of turning away from Her, Human has lost the
supremacy, so in the next coming time it is the duty and personal responsibility of each member of
Mankind to continually improve her/himself beyond her/his present quality and gradually following
the way of ennoblement return to her/his Internal Godess Nature.
We have come into this earthly world that by walking through the torments of the earthly path, by
learning sin and injustice, to separate incongruous energies by our power, and to create ORDER,
SIMPLICITY, PEACE in the place of chaos created by the fallibility of men.
We settle accounts with all Anti‐life Manifestations that destroy human existence and Nature and
cause harm, pain, suffering, or loss to Nature, Living Beings, and Humans at any time or space.
According to our proclamation, all ideals, ideas, philosophies and theories of existence, which are
aimed to alter and monopolize GOD, Her holy manifestation and the real Nature of LIFE, or are
aimed to distort the Order of the MAAT, or which unreasonably stigmatizes women, men or group
organizations as superior or inferior, or which does not guarantee the independent rights of the
Elements, the Natural Environment and the Animals, ARE UNFAIR, ILLEGAL, INVALID, NOTHING,
The Gods, Saviors, Prophets have lost their rights, their power, their authority, and they can never
return to any Space or Time, they can never exist!
At the same time, People are regaining their right and responsibility to possess back their own
spirit and soul. From now on, no one can expect childish redemption from the outside, the
Messiah, because with the power returned from the Gods, everyone must elevate themselves to
higher and higher levels!
Mankind’s childhood is over, the age of irresponsibility is over, and now, in the possession of power,
one must take responsibility for oneself or others, depending on one’s level of development!
Individuals and humanity, both individually and together, must consciously maintain a very high level
of common consciousness in order for inevitable technological advancement not to result in slavery
but in a high order of humanity so that, leaving its lowly urges, to become worthy to enter the
Universe. Following the order of MAAT, be able to produce good effects continuously in accordance
with God’s purpose.
Our revelations and the MAAT Order apply to all entities, organizations, groupings and all
inhabitants of this planet from the date of promulgation. Independently from whether they have
been informed of it, they acknowledge it, they believe in it, they protest against it – the MAAT
Order is in force and is valid.
Sinners can be brought to justice, convictions can be enforced, misappropriated property can be
confiscated by the MAAT‐based International or National Councils of Truths and their executive
bodies of a wide range of peoples and nations.
Mankind has been given a unique opportunity to build its spiritual‐mental‐physical world from the
new beginning so that be in harmony with the MAAT, i.e. Mother Nature Goddess, and to prepare
itself and its descendants for advancing to a higher plane of existence through the achievements of
1. Support and celebrate Life! ‐ so that Life can love you.
2. Be grateful for all that has been given to you! ‐ so that your soul will not be indignant.
3. Learn from the past, look to the future, but live in the present. ‐ because only the moment world is
4. Honor your descendants, ascenders, circles of friends, other peoples ‐ to live in peace.
5. Be faithful to your true words, your oaths, your faith ‐ because infidelity devours insidiously.
6. Respect all living things and the Elements. ‐ because everything is connected to everything.
7. Behave morally towards Yourself, People and Nature! ‐ because that’s the right way.
8. Learn and improve yourself! ‐ because the path of the MAAT requires this.
9. Save on Natural Resources! ‐ to live in peace with Allness.
10. Reverently thank Mother Nature for Her generosity ‐ because you get everything from Her.
1. Don’t kill, steal, flog, and don’t want another’s property enviously!
2. Don’t lie, cheat or simulate!
3. Don’t be haughty, selfish, don’t chase nor deplete anyone!
4. Don’t haggle, don’t trade with money, don’t give interest!
5. Don’t waste, don’t lavish!
6. Do not create tension, don’t be angry!
7. Don’t be curious, don’t gossip!
8. Don’t be sluggish for good and don’t be lazy!
9. Don’t let your conscience be silenced!
10. Do not be lenient with evils, harmfuls, troublemakers.
1. Never since the world is world, no living being, nor any human being has ever been given a
legitimate authority to override or alter the MAAT Order, nor to replace it with false laws, therefore
any intention or act is sinful and reprehensible that places the selfish human / humanoid ideas,
concepts, thoughts, and presumptions in front of the everlasting Laws/Order of God’s Created World.
The perpetrators of such acts should be punished with a constant sense of lack, suffering and
undergoing of public contempt.
2. Any person, group of persons or organization that declares itself to be superior to others, selected
or chosen by God and creates theories through which it can dominate, parasitize, intervene in the
course of Natural development through technology and the media should be named, be ashamed,
and be obliged to account, confess and apologize in front of public! May their punishment be
proportionate to the sort and extent of the crimes they committed to the peoples!
3. Every crime has a creator, so the inventor, distributor, practicer, perpetrator of any crime must be
called personally in his name, even afterwards!
No one can hide behind an organization, no one can refer to a command or instruction. The era of
the possibility of escaping from individual responsibility is over!
Let sins be punished according to their measure and sort!
4. Whoever gives an instruction to a man, or a humanoid, which opposes the order of the MAAT, and
pursues others into a crisis of conscience, ‐ even by deception, ‐ commits a capital crime and she/he
should expiate according to the type of crime!
5. The creation, possession and application of massacre, genocide, crimes against humanity, human
experimentation, cloning, chimeras, hybrids, technohybrids, humanoid synthetic beings and the
punishability of military, economic, financial and information technology sins against Nature and
flagrant spiritual crimes are not‐time‐limited and unforgivable capital crimes.
6. The creation, manufacture, distribution of thermonuclear, ionizing, radiation, chemical,
biotechnological or information technological macro‐ or nano‐device technologies, weapons, chips,
bio‐information media, that are capable of causing damage to health, capable of mass destruction,
elimination or modification of myself‐consciousness, human self‐consciousness, the induction of anti‐
life frequencies are unforgivable capital crimes and their Anti‐Life application or deployment are not‐
time‐limited crimes.
The liability of those involved in the decision making on devices and weapons capable of mass
destruction or killing listed and not listed to be created at any time with future technologies is
unlimited. Their guilt is capital and / or unforgivable, depending on the extent of their involvement.
7. Inventor, distributor, user, implementer of those technologies that are in conflict with the MAAT
Act and pose a threat or permanently detrimental effect on Natural Values, the life and health of
animals, plants, people, clean consciousness, human dignity and Life, commits an unforgivable capital
crime that is imprescriptible.
8. Scientists, laboratory assistants, technicians, teachers, psychologists, professionals who carry out
impact assessments of learning materials, descriptions, processes, technologies and who are not
sufficiently careful in doing so, or they do not take the necessary time and falsify the results, or do
not carry out directed tests, or do not carry out some tests so that to influence the end result, and, as
a result, they certify invalid quality, or provide a non‐reliable basis for marketing authorizations, or
provide expert advice under pressure, etc. ‐ they commit a major unforgivable capital crime against
Nature and Humanity.
9. The inventor, distributor, user of such intellectual contents which are capable of manipulating
persons or masses, capable of suppressing Natural human intelligence and ingenuity, capable of
suppressing sobriety and influencing people to become dreaded, mechanized, alienated from
themselves, struggling with self‐esteem and mental problems, becoming self‐destructive or publicly
dangerous – are unforgivable capital crime.
10. The inventor, distributor, user and executor of such Intellectual contents that instigate people
against each other, encourages chauvinism, unjustified discrimination based on gender, race, age,
identity, or religion, and / or distorts, falsifies informations or news ‐ commits a capital crime.
11. Since the Universal Holy Spirit / God / MOTHER NATURE GODDESS has entrusted Her most holy
wish, the transmission of the Holy Life, to the Woman and has endowed Her with all knowledge and
wisdom for this task, therefore religions, religious organizations ideologies and their followers who
hold Women in ignorance, contempt, humiliate, impure, treat them as inferior, exclude and
humiliate them – be their doctrines and sayings deleted from the face of this planet forever and be
they handled as pariah, being subject of public contempt!
What distinguishes Male and Female from humanoid is that how they relate to Life, to women, to the
weak, and to the fallen.
12. Those who have created or create false ideas, worship arbitrary, far‐from‐reality idols,
subordinate races, groups, peoples down and over, represent money and acquisition in a positive
attitude, subject Life to enrichment, and make the world economic, inspire quantitative consumption
‐ they commit an unforgivable capital crime.
13. Those who, in the name of science or through its application, misinform, disseminate false
results, false information, teach false knowledge, or conceal technologies that would improve or
preserve the lives of Mankind and would protect the environment, those who infect the masses,
disfigure them – they commit imprescriptible unforgivable capital crime against Humanity.
14. Those who, driven by an ignoble lustful desire for power, profit or adventure provoke chaos,
anarchy, make war or participate in it, those who design, manufacture, store, possess or use
weapons of any kind suitable for mass destruction ‐they commit genocide in any form, even hidden
so they commit unforgivable capital crime.
15. Those who, driven by an ignoble desire for power or profit, by the use of electronic media
interfaces collect data, make general observations, manipulate news, withhold important
information, misinform and thereby offend private interests, serving state power or indefinite
purpose, leaving others in ignorance or they infringe the interests of the right to privacy of the public,
or they cause other kind of damage, pain, suffering, or lying under ‐ they commit unforgivable capital
16. Those persons, groups, states guided by a lowly, selfish desire for power, who privatize,
expropriate and shape, manipulate, put up for sale or utilize the arts, science and its achievements,
discoveries, according to their specific ideas not promoting good morals, or not serving the benefit of
the public and are not for the benefit of Nature in real ‐ they commit unforgivable capital crime.
17. Persons or groups who, leaded by personal interest, profit, power or for any reason detrimental
to the public weal, withhold or conceal innovations, scientific results that could otherwise serve the
public good or Nature ‐ they commit unforgivable capital crime against Humanity and Nature.
18. Those lowly inferior persons, groups, states that, by their activities, without having any justifiable
cause and need in accordance with the MAAT committed, engage in any activity that would cause
unforeseen damage against Humanity or Nature and thereby damage the ecosystem ‐ they commit
unforgivable capital crime.
19. Those lowly inferior persons, groups, states, having the power to influence the financial and
economic processes worldwide, that jeopardize or eliminate the viability and resilience of societies,
their health, social and welfare systems by privatizing the benefits and spreading the damages to
them ‐ they commit unforgivable capital crime.
20. Individuals, groups, nations, societies that tolerate and give their tacit consent to sins will
themselves become complicit and will have to suffer in countless and severe forms in the period of
the imminent final shutdown.
Those who want a blessed Life on this Earth must put an end to quailing and must call conspicuous
sins by name, and act!
The long period of enjoying exemption from the result of deeds is over for everyone, so People must
finally put Order in their own living space! Failing to do so, sinners must reckon with the judgments
of Mother Nature Goddess, that will no longer take into account Man and any of Man’s ideas about
Crimes, on one hand, are punishable crimes under public law and, on the other hand, require a moral
The punishment for sin must always be strict but just and proportionate according to the Sacred
It is the right and duty assigned by God to Man to comply with the Order of MAAT and to enforce the
Sacral Order within his own systems.
Therefore, any kind of hypocrisy or doing the agreeable, humanism created by hypocritical
humanoids, and all attempt to loosen up in the strict Sacral Order of the MAAT is sinful and
reprehensible. Any bit of concessions are the path to decay, in the long run causing the depletion of
Humans, the rise of humanoids, and the mental‐spiritual‐physical decline at all levels.
Life in itself is Divine, sublime, wonderful, and it is the sacred duty of Mankind to honor the wonders
of Life in its diverse variety in every way and to consciously sustain it in its own living space and
Destructive forces are present in all spaces and times but they are appropriate only for limited extent
in the world.
But the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady seeks continual improvement through
the execution of the Holy Life, and therefore, in accordance with Her will, MAN must control the
destructive forces with responsibility and must be aware free from hypocrisy.
Even if / when Man have to make relentless, difficult or painful decisions.
It is the duty of the COUNCILS of the RIGHTEOUS’ to maintain and preserve the operation of the
Human Communities faithful to the MAAT. It is also their jurisdiction the supervision of Community,
national or international justice and law, and the the imposition of sacred penalties in certain
extreme cases.
The most severe sacred punishment is live burning and beheading, as the Life that comes out of the
burned and beheaded can never return to Life. The penalty of burning alive should only be applied to
those who have committed imprescriptible unforgivable capital crime against HUMANITY and the
Beheading may be ordered for those who have committed other kinds of imprescriptible
unforgivable capital crimes.
Such severe sacred punishments can only be imposed on humanoids by NOBLE TRUE PEOPLE.
The purpose of these punishments is to ensure that the severely destructive set of energy that has
appeared in the given humanoid will never again have a chance at Life.
Humanoids can only act against their own kind, but humanoids are forbidden to judge PEOPLE,
SACRED WOMEN must not be held accountable in any court, they may only be judged by the
COUNCIL OF TRUTHS’. And if a SACRED WOMAN commits a sin against MAAT or betrays Her nation,
she may only be punished with the most severe judgment, because the highest esteem comes with
the greatest responsibility.
Imprescriptible unforgivable capital crime
Its punishment is a grave death by sacred destruction, burning, or beheading. It must not be buried in
the ground, its ashes should not be scattered into water.
The supplementary punishment is the total confiscation of property of himself and his family dating
back 3 generations.
Unforgivable capital crime
The punishment is death. It must not be buried in the ground, its ashes should not be scattered into
The supplementary punishment is the total confiscation of property of himself and his family.
Capital crime
Its punishment is irrevocable and/or total divestiture from rights, or hard penal servitude, depending
on the sort of the crime.
Divestiture from rights deprives the human/humanoid from all social rights, including the possibility
of legal redress. In addition to the above, the total divestiture from rights also dispossesses the
deprived person from the right to self‐defense.
The supplementary punishment may extend to the total confiscation of property of himself and his
family dating back up to 3 generations on occassion, depending on the type and severity of crime.
Serious crime
Depending on the type and extent of the crime, the punishment may be either temporary divestiture
from rights, penal servitude, imprisonment, and disqualification from mental or other given work,
total or partial confiscation of property.
The punishment must be confiscation of property, imprisonment, and heavy or light penal servitude,
depending on the type and extent of the crime.
A supplementary punishment must be disqualification from mental or other activity.
However, men having committed sexual assault must be physically castrated. Women must be
chemically castrated.
Misdemeanors have a long range and are most commonly committed in the course of occupation or
transport. As a general rule misdemeanors are punishable by fines according to their type and
Persons judged to penal servitude must not do clerical work, installation and construction work, must
must not handle water, and must not work in places where they may come into contact with food.
Penal servitude may be carried out in the areas of road, dam, embankment, ditch constructions and
cleaning, street sweeping, industrial waste management, garbage disposal, by‐product cleaning and
Even during the course of total confiscation, everyone has a simple, modest, secure cover over
her/his head. The convicted person may never be put in a position to sustain her/himself and those
entrusted to her/him only by committing another sin. Therefore, all family circumstances must be
taken into account when judging, and it is the personal responsibility of the sentencing judge or
people’s presidents to deliver a proper verdict. Whoever lies in connection with her/his social and
family circumstances, her/his punishment will be aggravated.
Family contact must not be taken away from a person under punishment, a breastfeeding child must
not be separated from his or her mother until the age of 3.
As a general rule, a healthy, loving mother must not be separated from her son until he becomes 8
years old or from her daughter until she becomes 15 years old. Primarily, maternal love and family
security are the food of Life. A child who must not benefit from this blessed feeling will be harmed
throughout her/his life and this will also affect her/his human relationships as well as sexual
Therefore, it is advisable to give priority to supporting families, especially mothers, in all respects.
A child who leaves the loving parents for a better life has little chance of becoming a True Human. In
decent poverty, a persistent and grateful child in his or her family circle can even become a NOBLE
MAN. Therefore, it is a crime to promise the child a better life and to persuade him/her to leave
his/her family.
Families and community associations must pay special attention to the lives of their children and
family members, because the crimes they commit can have repercussions on other members of the
family who are innocent in the matter.
Where the consequences are borne by families, they pay attention to the children’s way of life, they
demand decency, and this has a constructive effect on society as a whole.
Permissive and mild jurisprudence is a hotbed of sin, so fair, but very strict rules that are respectful of
human elementary freedoms ensure a happy and peaceful life.
Where rule‐makers and judges are TRUE NOBLE people having filled their 42 years, austerity does
not become murderous barbarism, and has a forward‐looking effect on societies. Public morale
and public order will improve, and Life becomes safer and happier.
Rules and penalties are not for themselves and should be applied soberly.
It is the moral responsibility of judges and those working in public affairs to make people feel safe
and as a result, be satisfied with the administration of justice.
Therefore, at given circumstances, even if someone did not act correctly by the rules, but acted fairly
according to good faith, and in accordance with the MAAT, she or he must not be punished.
Everyone must be responsible and accountable for the sins committed. Where prosecution is a daily
practice, sins do not have the potential for inconsequential gain and are therefore less popular.
Where strict rules dominate and People can exercise their original rights from God while also
respecting their obligations to Her, sin draws back from there and strikes a nest where space is given
to it.
All people and nations should protect the population and the world with their NEW system of
penalty rules so that the citizens of the states can live in harmony with the Natural Environment,
freely, with dignity, peace and happiness, without harassment!
Supreme crime ‐ to violate the order of MAAT, to deny the order of Mother Nature Goddess, to push
against Life.
Unforgivable, imprescriptible, capital crime ‐ the evisceration of MOTHER NATURE GODDESS for any
Unforgivable, imprescriptible, capital crime ‐ all attempts and actions to eradicate the diverse world
of Mother Nature Goddess.
Unforgivable, imprescriptible, capital crime ‐ the use and application of any weapon suitable for
mass destruction.
Unforgivable, imprescriptible, capital crime ‐ any form of genocide.
Unforgivable, imprescriptible, capital crime ‐ depriving peoples and nations of their sanity,
subjugating their pure spirit.
Unforgivable, imprescriptible, capital crime ‐ a restriction on people’s rights originated from God.
Unforgivable, imprescriptible, capital crime ‐ the use of technologies that interfere with the order of
Unforgivable, imprescriptible, capital crime ‐ the creation of human experimentation, human
cloning, transhuman, technohuman, synthetic human or chimeric beings.
Unforgivable, imprescriptible, capital crime ‐ the creation of chemicals and micro‐creatures that
may cause a massacre by causing a pandemic.
Unforgivable, imprescriptible, capital crime ‐ the production and distribution of mind‐altering,
intoxicating substances and technologies.
Unforgivable, imprescriptible, capital crime ‐ Trafficking in and consumption of human flesh, organs
and blood, and any form of Life.
Capital crime ‐ the appropriation and put up for sale of the common treasures of Nature.
Capital crime ‐ the plunder of Nature.
Capital crime ‐ religious fanaticism.
Capital crime ‐ any brutality, bestiality in the name of God.
Capital crime ‐ to commit any immorality in the name of God.
Capital crime ‐ to think women are inferior and to to humiliate them.
Capital crime – to consider lust and love are sins.
Capital crime ‐ to stigmatise human as being originally guilty.
Capital crime ‐ lying, breach of promise and oath.
Capital crime ‐ betrayal, vindictiveness.
Capital crime ‐ haughtiness, vanity and pretence.
Capital crime ‐ intrigue and deception.
Capital crime ‐ warfare, incitement to war.
Capital crime ‐ creation and application of weapons and methods for mass destruction.
Capital crime ‐ kidnapping, murder, child trafficking.
Capital crime ‐ destruction of protected plant species, animal species, and hunting of them.
Capital crime ‐ failure to help in case of life‐threatening situation.
Capital crime ‐ to employ a child in workplace and to exploit him in any way.
Capital crime ‐ depravation of a child or infant by violence.
Capital crime ‐ forcing a child or infant into marriage or sex.
Capital crime ‐ tainting the souls of children and infants, alteration of their consciousness.
Capital crime ‐ sexual violence against anyone of any age.
Capital crime ‐ the looting of the elderly, the vulnerable and the use of violence against them.
Capital crime ‐ incitement of shortage trade and price increase in need or emergency.
Capital crime ‐ concluding international trade agreements.
Capital crime ‐ maintaining multinational manufacturing and trading networks.
Capital crime ‐ economic manipulations and trading in money.
Capital crime ‐ the privatization of issuance of money, of foreign exchange and of currency trading.
Capital crime ‐ taking compound interests.
Capital crime ‐ treason of patria and treason of nation.
Capital crime ‐ unsubstantiated judgment and prejudice.
Capital crime ‐ the false accusation.
Capital crime ‐ abuse of rights by judges and members of the judiciary or administrative heads.
Capital crime ‐ to execute a judgment against property or against life prior to a judgment of the
judge or the Council of the Righteous’.
Capital crime ‐ attempt to influence or bribe judges and members of the Council of the Righteous’.
Capital crime ‐ using any form of violence against a Sacred Woman / Folk Mother or Lili.
Capital crime ‐ if a man looks at or touches Lily.
Capital crime ‐ failure to help in case of death.
Capital crime ‐ to load the air with micromagnetic and other artificial frequencies.
Capital crime is to pollute and waste water.
Crime ‐ damaging and polluting Nature.
Crime ‐ making noise and disharmonious music.
Crime ‐ an offensive form of violence.
Crime ‐ disrespect for Life.
Crime ‐ the ignorant and mindless extinction of Life, and murder.
Crime ‐ depredation, theft, robbery.
Crime ‐ decebait, deception.
Crime ‐ spiritual‐mental‐physical humiliation.
Crime – irresponsibility.
Crime ‐ avoiding responsibility.
Crime ‐ it is a Crime to passively watch the abuse and looting of others.
Crime ‐ anesthesia of conscience.
Crime ‐ coercion to marriage.
Crime ‐ coercion into prostitution.
Crime ‐ keep someone in servitude, mortification.
Crime ‐ keeping women / mothers dependent on their livelihoods.
Crime ‐ underestimating and exploiting the work of women / mothers.
Crime ‐ exploitation, abuse of women / mothers.
Crime ‐ the abuse and exploitation of the weak, the fallen, the elderly.
Crime ‐ the destruction, burning and cutting of forests.
Crime ‐ cutting down trees over 200 cm in trunk circumference.
Crime ‐ felling healthy trees older than 50 years.
Crime ‐ exterminating or replacing ancestral plant or animal species with other species.
Crime ‐ damage Nature by chemical and by other means.
Crime ‐ release chemicals into air and water.
Crime ‐ to release exhaust gases into the high atmosphere.
Crime ‐ manipulation of DNA and organ trafficking.
Crime ‐ inoculation of vaccines cultured on animals and foreign cells into humans.
Crime ‐ an artificial intervention in the human natural immune system.
Crime ‐ the application of chemicals into the blood of humans or animals.
Crime ‐ transfusing foreign blood or application of artificial blood.
Crime ‐ to transfuse male blood into a sinful woman or a girl child.
Crime ‐ to transfuse male blood into a child.
Crime ‐ any kind of artistic intervention in women before the birth of their children.
Crime ‐ tattooing and unreasonable plastic intervention following fashion.
Crime ‐ the use of all methods of psychiatric physical intervention.
Crime ‐ use and distribution of psychedelic drugs.
Crime ‐ psychological terror.
Crime ‐ to keep old, sick people artificially alive.
Crime ‐ to keep back old people who want to leave life.
Crime ‐ removing elderly people who are leaving life from their homes.
Crime ‐ to disturb the deceased within 72 hours and dissect them unreasonably.
Crime ‐ cremate the deceased HUMAN within 72 hours.
Crime ‐ it is a crime to ask more for a funeral than the average monthly salary.
Crime ‐ to deprive a person of her/his freedom of choice.
Crime ‐ selfishness and tolerance of selfishness.
Crime ‐ raising children bonelessly.
Crime ‐ the abuse of rights and benefits.
Crime ‐ giving and accepting bribes and gratitude.
Crime ‐ the restriction of any right given by Nature.
Crime ‐ concealing and forbidding natural and ancient cures.
Crime ‐ forcing unnatural cures.
Crime ‐ forcing and advertising any cure, medicine on people.
Crime ‐ restricting the freedom of innocent people.
Crime ‐ acquitting or having sinners aquitted from punishment.
Crime ‐ the manipulation of thinking, the artificial dull‐making.
Crime ‐ wedging into the direct relationship between God and man.
Crime ‐ taking advantage of obstructing the direct relationship between God and man.
Crime ‐ the institutionalization of the God‐Man relationship.
Crime ‐ coercion to deny faith.
Crime ‐ the appropriation and denial of God.
Crime ‐ to keep convicts or animals in unnaturally penurious conditions.
Crime ‐ depriving animals from their freedom.
Crime ‐ to separate the suckling animal from its mother.
Crime ‐ mutilating women, men, animals.
Crime ‐ to question and influence the gender identity of children.
Crime ‐ to perform gender changing surgery.
Crime ‐ to punish and persecute homosexuality.
Crime ‐ to initiate childbirth artificially.
Crime ‐ carry out cesarean section in healthy women.
Crime ‐ if the newborn is exposed to metals.
Crime ‐ if the newborn is not consecrated to God, to Life.
Crime ‐ prenatal plastic transformation and tattooing of young women.
Crime ‐ to do business from birth and passing away.
Crime ‐ making, manufacturing, distributing unnatural foods.
Crime ‐ chemicalization and evisceration of arable land.
Crime ‐ the chemicalization of seeds and crops.
Crime ‐ designing and creating energy‐squandering buildings.
Crime ‐ the use of bleak colors in architecture and decorations.
Crime ‐ to let people work in sinful and very noisy workplaces.
Crime ‐ depriving people of music and movement.
Crime ‐ gambling and life insurance.
Crime ‐ profiteering, parasitism.
Crime ‐ to accumulate more individual wealth than can be lived in a lifetime.
Crime ‐ when the wealth of some results in the poverty of others.
Crime ‐ to consider other living beings as property.
Crime ‐ to let the merchant spirit spread and rule.
Crime ‐ acquisition and transfer of monopolies.
Crime ‐ to put the social interest behind the private economic interest.
Crime ‐ not respecting God in ourselves.
Crime ‐ all deeds, intentions, thoughts that are contrary to the Laws/Order of Nature.
Guilt ‐ the self‐destructive way of life.
Guilt ‐ slackness for good.
Guilt – gluttony.
Guilt ‐ curiosity, eavesdropping, scare.
Guilt ‐ weakness and laxity.
Guilt ‐ failing to help those in need.
Guilt ‐ if a man is present at childbirth.
Guilt ‐ failure to take care of children and the fallen.
Guilt ‐ exploiting mothers with young children and failing to take care of them.
Guilt ‐ to demand respect with hereditary order.
Guilt ‐ to honor those having inherited right if they cannot be respected in their own right.
Guilt ‐ to bow to money and wealth.
Guilt ‐ destroying health with drugs, luxury foods.
Guilt ‐ the unnatural way of life.
Guilt ‐ overestimate unproductive activities.
Guilt ‐ to think that the world is mine.
Guilt ‐ to think I don’t have a chance.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that socially that does not create and maintain The Order.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that tolerates despotism.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that accepts injustice.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that maintains a wasteful, insane system of wealth.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that encourages the waste of resources.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that results poverty.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that to place the rich over the poor.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that deprives an individual of her/his or her God‐given rights.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that forbids women from their role as leaders in public life.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that applies a double standard between the genders.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that does not require respect for the elderly.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that exclude women from legislation.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that impedes free expression of point of view.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that that punishes expression of point of view.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that that does not encourage independent judgment.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that that classifies people into hereditary orders and castes.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that that respects hereditary ranks.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that that judges a person not by her/his behavior and merits.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that denies gender and racial equality is guilty.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that accepts the treatment of money as an independent asset.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that transfers the management of her/his own money to strangers.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that accepts or maintains debtor slavery.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that does not require a healthy lifestyle.
It is an ungodly social behaviour to support self‐destructive individuals.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that does not punish sins.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that tolerates immorality.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that does not call things by their names.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that tolerates the unequal application of the law.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that does not pay service providers properly.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that pays for parasites well.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that does not do anything for its own interests.
It is an ungodly social behaviour not to appreciate differences.
It is an ungodly social behaviour to behave in a social way that seeks to uniform people.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that does not support talents.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that uses the achievements of technology for harmful purpose.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that tolerates hatred.
It is an ungodly social behavior that restricts the community upbringing of children.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that ignores the egoism of children and juveniles and supports it.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that forbids legitimate, direct justice.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that categorically prohibits justified corporal punishment.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that gives rights to criminals.
It is an ungodly social behaviour in which people have to steal for their livelihood.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that tolerates those who live without work.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that do not encourage people to do good.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that encourages people to consume excessively and unreasonably.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that accepts quantity‐production poor products instead of using
persistent, quality products.
It is an ungodly social behaviour that consumes up the future and does not support Life.
Common sense and vigilance are the topmost virtues.
Pure consciousness and inviolability are main virtues.
The ability of sobriety and common sense are main virtues.
It is a main virtue to recognize and act against falsehoods.
It is a main virtue to follow the truth.
Goodness, honesty and honor are main virtues.
Moral reliability is a main virtue.
Persistence and perseverance are virtues.
Willingness to cooperation is a virtue.
Flexibility is a virtue.
Solodarity is a virtue.
Selflessness is a virtue.
Trust is a virtue.
Self‐confidence and inherent trust are virtues.
Good taste and sense of proportion are virtues.
Temperance is a virtue.
Severe simplicity is a virtue.
Little talk is a virtue.
Silent attention is a virtue.
Peaceful nature are virtues.
Hospitality and kindness are virtues.
Cheerfulness and good humor are virtues.
Strength and courage are virtues.
Determined vigor is a virtue.
Discipline and a sense of duty are virtues.
Renunciation is a virtue.
Correct self‐knowledge is a virtue.
Categoric action against depravity is a virtue.
Everything we do along the principle of most good are virtues.
To help others, to nurture those in need are virtues.
All deeds and thoughts that result in harmony are virtues.
All deeds and thoughts that result in sincere happiness in the heart are virtues.
All deeds or thoughts that arise from sincere goodness and honesty are virtues.
All deeds or thoughts that are in accordance with the Order of the Universe or Allness are virtues.
All deeds and thoughts which are free from selfishness and sin are virtues.
Virtuous is a society that acknowledges Nature’s Sacred Rights and organizes its daily life submitted
to it.
Virtuous is a society where Nature is the Master and Man is Her friend.
Virtuous is the social behavior that follows the best principles.
Virtuous is the social behavior that ensures people’s freedom.
Virtuous is the social behavior that puts knowledge, health, peace, and happiness before everything
Virtuous is the social behavior that considers health, happiness, joy, and satisfaction as its primary
measure of value.
Virtuous is the social behavior where people live healthy and heal patients with the best, most
natural remedies.
Virtuous is the social behavior where people find the disease unnatural.
Virtuous is the social behavior that puts any economic or private interest behind the social and
community interest.
Virtuous is the social behavior that collectively educates children for the good and cares for all
children with love.
Virtuous is the social behavior that teaches children to live life, work, and the joy of creation with
loving rigor.
Virtuous is the social behavior that respects, loves and cares for the elderly.
Virtuous is the social behavior that puts Mothers at the center of society and cares for them.
Virtuous is the social behavior in which 30 hours of work a week is enough to ensure a decent living.
Virtuous is the social behavior is where the difference between the lowest and highest wages does
not exceed seven times.
Virtuous is the social behavior that rewards everyone’s work and effort fairly.
Virtuous is the social behavior in which domestic violence is deeply despised and severely
Virtuous is the social behavior in which people of different energy qualities do not mix with each
other while respecting each other.
A society in which family keepers serve their families with love, fairness, responsibility, and dignity is
A society where the breadwinners are Men and the heads of families are Women is virtuous.
A society in which everyone is given the opportunity to develop is virtuous.
A society that respects all kinds of work is virtuous.
A society where lifelong learning is daily practice and expectation is virtuous.
A society where everyone can do the activity to which she/he has a God‐given talent is virtuous.
A society where people do not have to wear forced roles that are alien to their own personality is
A society where people respect each other is virtuous.
A society where people live healthy and heal patients with the best, most natural remedies is
A society where people find the disease unnatural is virtuous.
A society where ancient and good traditions are firmly preserved is virtuous.
A society where modernity coexists with a living folk tradition is virtuous.
A society where folk music and dance are popular is virtuous.
A society where craftsmanship and creativity are values is virtuous.
A society where cheap and vile mass products are despised is virtuous.
A society in which all segments of life represent quality is virtuous.
A society with strong relationships, trust and love between people is virtuous.
A society where the word of honor matters and Life operates on a trusting basis is virtuous.
A society that respects and keeps Waters, Air, and Heaven clean is virtuous.
A society that is follows decent satisfaction and despises revelry and debauchery is virtuous.
A society that does not tolerate tyranny and aims Peace is virtuous.
A society that maintains state systems for its own benefit and that serves the interests of its nation
and its citizens is virtuous.
A society that condemns compromise and stands up for itself is virtuous.
A society where people are brave and just is virtuous.
A society that seeks peace and good cooperation with other peoples is virtuous.
A society that is grateful to God and trusts in is virtuous.
The Order of the MAAT is the complex of the Natural and Moral Laws that are independent of the
will, desire, idea and culture of human or any living being.
Humans or humanoids imagine the world in countless ways, yet it still works the same way.
The order of the MAAT is a purely Natural, energetic law/order, and no human illusion nor
beautifying false humanist idea may be forced into it.
Much of the uplifting knowledge of the ancestral culture has been faded away due to the nullifying
endeavors that had been existing for hundreds or thousands years. Therefore the ancient culture had
been replaced by morbid spiritual formations. Viewed from this injustice, the Order of the MAAT may
seem cruel and inhuman.
Over time, more and more harmful ideas have been insidiously undermining the immune systems of
societies, and these are now incorrectly accepted by people as facts and truths. It is therefore
incorrectly believed that the rigor of the past and many sacredly important and obligatory acts are
„barbarism”, not humane, and „should therefore be condemned”.
At the same time, there are no truly functioning models — given the current general mental‐
spiritual‐physical state of Humanity for the real upliftment of the Human. All solutions devised by
social researchers can only be sustained in the short term and in relatively small populations.
When Human tests and considers moral principles of uncertain validity, it must be taken into account
that it is not Nature that depends on Man, but vice versa.
Therefore the sober Human is obliged to remain with Nature in Harmony and Peace.
Any opposition and attempt to break out in any direction only piles on the troubles and is doomed to
Humanity and the natural environment have just suffered enough from those who imagine
themselves in God’s place, and the time has come to finally truly implement the ORDER of God’s will,
which the ancient writings refer to as the state of paradise. But this coveted state, also known as the
Golden Age, can only be realized through firm adherence to the original, simple, but very strict
Sacred Beings. Therefore, people must grow up to the personal responsibility that God has endowed
them with.
We have came into this world to bring ORDER, PEACE and HARMONY.
To reach this goal, we will first completely and definitively eliminate injustices at all levels in order
to give place and Space to Humanity to develop a new worldview based on truth and fairness.
All this can only accomplished by complying with the order of the MAAT!
1. The most intrinsical Essences of the Universal Holy Spirit, or God:
Space, Time and Information ‐ the Holy Trinity, symbolized by the triskelion.
The most sacred aspirations of the Universal Holy Spirit (God):
These three sacred endeavors govern the Universe and result in God’s warmest desire: the HOLY LIFE
and the primary TRUTH springs from them.
2. The primary TRUTH, that is, the MAAT, which is the Eternal Law/Order of the Universal Holy Spirit,
stems from the most sacred aspirations of GOD — this constitutes the LAW, or the ORDER OF THE
LAW/ORDER comes into force and becomes effective by Mother Nature Goddess. All living,
inanimate, manifested, or unmanifested beings or entities are subordinated to these Laws.
5. A Human being must not create Law because the LAW/ORDER is eternal, unchanging and
6. God is GOOD that means, complete and perfect. GOOD is the ONE itself and the ONE is the Trinity
of Space, Time and Information itself.
7. The ONE, the GOOD, the Universal Holy Spirit / Our Almighty Lady / Goddess / Creator / Almighty /
MOTHER NATURE GODDESS is righteous and loves every Human as much as Human loves and
respects the God living in her/him.
8. Everything comes from ‐ SPACE ARA, ‘RA.
Information IGI‐ was the first verb, and the consequence of these two is Time, which is called MA.
9. The ancient name of the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady / Creator / Almighty is
MA‐IGI‐ARA, or MA‐GU‐RA. The holy circles of the MOTHER NATURE GODDESS were named
MAGURA‐s and the TRUE Ones were named Hungarians.
10. Time does not exist independently of Space, and everything exists or happens in the MA, that
means, in the present. Time connects and separates beings in the moment.
The whole existence is temporarily permanent, passing and rebuilding from moment to moment.
Therefore, in the manifested worlds only the Change may be considered permanent.
11. The Universal Holy Spirit implements the Order of Mother Nature Goddess, the MAAT, through
the Seven Elements, the six‐beddings. These are in order: Sound, Air, Water, Tree, Sun‐light, Fire,
12. The Seven Elements have right to their own essence and purity and Human may only be given a
dignified, healthy life if she/he respects the rights of the Elements and lives according to them.
If one is disrespectful of the rights of the Elements, she/he will expect occurrence of many diseases
and catastrophes by the Elements. One can insist, but one way or another, in the end, always
13. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady, by its very nature, does not require
sacrifice, food nor drink, and most importantly no sacrifice of children, no virgins nor Lives nor blood.
All such offerings are futile, unnecessary, sinful, and are against God.
14. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady does not require prayers, hymns and
never had given specific absolution nor forgiveness of sins.
Guilts must be repented and redeemed as much as possible!
We must live that way so that no repentance would need!
Only gratitude from the heart and a feeling of intimate love reach the Almighty.
15. Life was given to us by the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady to be appreciated
and thanked in given place at a given time, and people under no circumstances should worship idols
even idols of thought. Life loves the One who loves Her!
16. It is not necessary to worship nor to love the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady
on a conceptual level, nor to believe in Her, but Humans has to accept Her imprescriptible
The fruit of Her creation, all the treasures of the Holy Life; music, creative moments, Beauty and
Harmony are received with grateful heart by Human! The excellence of People’s and their all kind of
eminence is God’s blessing, so people should be honored during their lifetime reality and not after.
The Almighty is ‘present’ in every moment, so in order to express honor towards God it is sifficient to
feel simple Naturalness and Love in every coming moment and fade into the Being!
17. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady resonates with the True Souls of True
People, their deeds of harmony, and carries on Her palms all who live as Truth.
Her benevolence must not be solicited, demanded, coerced by any practice, nor purchased. Her
grace may be evoked with gratitude, goodness and selfless desire from the heart and with sincere life
free from deceptions.
18. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady Herself is the Sacred Spirit, who resents
from hypocrisy, idolatry, from dogmas, deception, over‐zeal and all sweat‐smelling endeavors. As
soon as one of the above appears, the Divine Love, the Blessing and the Blessed Gloria fade away.
19. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady is attracted to Spiritual Purity, but she
does not require beautiful words, promises, spectacular garnishes. She rather appreciates the
puritanical simplicity and straightforwardness.
20. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady has given the right to every living entity
to defend himself, and She has never transferred this right to self‐nominees, states, organizations. It
is in accordance with Her will for someone to defend him/herself in any way commensurate with the
attacks and threats ‐ even at the cost of killing Life. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our
Almighty Lady always supports the Righteous Ones, and nobody should feel guilty if she/he
vigorously protects her/his own nor the lives of the weaker from real dangers and injuries!
21. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady expects living beings and people to live,
prosper, and multiply the best by selection, fulfilling by this Mother Nature Goddess’ intentions for
continual improvement. Furthermore, she expects that, in accordance with the order of creation,
one will give birth to offspring with the similar one!
22. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady has never wished, nor felt being at home
in ornate palaces nor in temples that symbolize power and are the places for deceiving the people.
Even so when and where she appears in such places, it is thanks to the Love that comes from the
Immaculate Spirit, the heart and the sincere desire of the believers.
One can get closer to the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady in Her holy circles, in
the simple temples of Nature, in the MAGURAS.
23. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady cannot stand if someone excercises
conspiracy, power, nor if parasitises by using Her name. Being the originator of nature, she does not
require guardianship, protection, nor anything else from any human being.
Those shameless ones who commit any falsehood in the name of the Almighty live in constant fear
and, as a result, they are forced to maintain their power through deceit and struggle. Those mental
renditions that can only be sustained by deception, violence, intimidation, conspiracy, accumulation
of splendor and money are very far away from the True Feelings and the Holy Spirit of the Universal
Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady.
24. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady cannot stand complaining, lamenting,
wailing, nor the lack of sobriety. On the other hand, she loves and attracts, and therefore supports
those who, with a sincere heartfelt determination, embark on difficult or uncertain paths for pure
purposes and persistently do their utmost to fulfill them.
Those who help themselves may count on Her help, provided they have no expectation to do so.
Because she/he who waits for Her help will not receive it, yet she/he who does not ask but deserves
it with her/his virtues can receive it.
25. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady is not an automat for fulfilling desires
and does not love anyone or anything who does not conform to Her reality of existence, the primary
principles of Life. Those who do against the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady will
suffer constant shocks, damage, pain, sickness, while those who live according to Her law/order are
simple, great, and True, will prosper, sing, and play music.
1. The worlds are derived from the ONE and are governed by the Universal Eternal Laws/Order
through the MAAT ‐ the Legal Order of Wholeness, which must not be changed nor repealed.
These Laws are true and uniform on all scales and strive for balance.
2. The Universal Eternal Law/Order rests on the principle of creation from one to another. This law
operates on a purely energetic basis, regardless of any subjective or material influence. Energy
qualities complement each other, there is no contradiction or struggle between them.
3. According to the Universal Eternal Law/Order, energies always fill the space available to them. It
does not allow exaggerations, and as soon as certain energies become predominant, the Universal
Holy Spirit, through the MAAT, gives way to opposing or necessary balancing energies, thus restoring
4. The Universal Eternal Law/Order is equally true and valid for all manifested and unmanifested
beings as well as all beings that may ever exist, regardless of scale. In each space and time, according
to the energies characteristic to the given plane of existence, based on the same system, different
sounds, shapes, colors, smells, living or inanimated existences and beings, as well as formations,
entities, beings, species specific to the given plane of existence fill the Space.
6. The worlds are ruled by four forces. The first is the Creating Divine Power, that is, the Trinity, the
second is the Creating Power, which human also possesses, the third is the Retaining Force, such as
Love, and the fourth is the Destructive Power, which is mostly embodied in the Fire element. These
Elements are equally important and need to be handled correctly.
The Creating Forces are the spiritual governors, the Retaining Forces operate the systems, and the
decaying parasites are devouring and destroying everything. Because the different energies interact,
impact with each other, it is unacceptable for decaying energies to come in the vicinity of the higher
order Creator Energies and weaken them. Forcing incompatible energies together leads to
degradation and chaos on a social level as well.
7. Solid matter is the end product and slag of the Creator Energies. The denser the material, the
lower its energy for internal transformation. Its internal or external attractions and repulsions can be
deduced from the energy of the seven manifested elements and the nine principles. The scientific
findings based only on the study of pure solids themselves are incomplete and their scientific factual
statements are questionable.
8. Life is both a material and a non‐material entity. Life is sustained by MOTHER NATURE GODDESS
through the manifestation of the Universal Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit shapes matter, gives
information and connection, provides knowledge and emotions. Spirit, Soul and Information are
principles that exist in immaterial unity, and they are pleased to create and form.
9. Life fills the Space of the Universal Holy Spirit harmoniously through a variety of colors, shapes,
species, and varieties, so that all life forms exist in the space assigned to it, according to the
characteristics of the given plane of existence. All living beings are in constant contact with the
Universal Holy Spirit. Therefore, the state of existence, deeds, thoughts, and emotions of all living
beings interact and have consequences for the whole quality of life on earth or beyond.
10. The Universal Holy Spirit, in accordance with the Principles of the Three times Three Trinity
organizes the world and nourishes the Life. Life is intertwined, forming infinite, cyclical, strictly
regular circuits. The time of cycles and the quality of time are related to the nature of the planes of
The energetic characteristics of the planes of existence are different, but neither is more important
than the other. The diversity of energy qualities maintains Wholeness and Equilibrium, which are
essential features of any form of existence in the Universe. Each energy subsystem seeks its main
way to act according to the characteristics of the Main system it belongs to and therefore seeks to
maintain and manifest its own complete inner purity and so discharges and shifts energies other than
its own.
1. Humans and humanoids have equal right to exist in front of the Universal Holy Spirit, but they are
not equal. Their spiritual quality, attractions, differences in knowledge, social usefulness, and the
extent of their efforts are different. Therefore, the given societies have to determine and must make
differences between the the earnings and property relations for each quality, because immoral and
lowly beings must not have the same rights, property and must not do certain activities compare to
Humans, Noble People, SACRED PEOPLE.
Humanoids are forbidden to work in any positions related to science, health, education, justice,
penitentiary, communication, media and food and water.
Depending on the general wealth situation of the nations, in accordance with the principle of
existence of the Universe, the difference between the minimum and maximum wages may be graded
up to seven times and the difference in the property possessed may be graded up to seventy times in
stages. The level of remuneration should be determined on the basis of the human‐spiritual quality
and the usefulness of the work done for the society.
2. Just as the energy sets of the manifested world belong to seven beddings, so do people represent
the energy sets corresponding to seven beddings.
The 7th Supreme Sacred Order includes the influencers of the judicial and spiritual processes.
Scientists‐inventors, engineers, etc. belong to the 6th Sacred Order. In the 5th there are artists,
teachers, environmental workers, food producers and processors, etc. The 4th includes healers,
nurses, social workers, etc. Traders, administrative and law enforcement workers, construction
workers, etc. belong to the 3rd. In 2nd the constructive, industrial and financial actors, and the
servers of the former, as well as cleaners and intermediaries, etc., are included. Other industrial
activities and waste managers are included in the 1st.
Based on the thinking, behavior, attraction and deeds of people and humanoids, as well as their
chosen job, they decide which energy set they belong to.
Where societies really want Order, they take a great deal of care to ensure that orders actually fulfill
their purpose. No one may be classified as hereditary nor be forever in the same order because
people can change, evolve, or deteriorate. It is therefore sinful to establish hereditary orders and to
take advantage of hereditary titles. Everyone has to prove where she/he belongs by the deeds of
her/his live. All attempts are sinful and deceitful that aim to conceal the existence of Orders or claim
their being non‐existing or harmful. Orders have always been existing, they are and will exist, until
Humanity, all the people and all the nations reach their Divine Nature.
In the age of Fire, the only way to reach the Divine Nature is to walk through the hells of earthly life,
then ascend and experience Divine Being, and then return to Earth again and throb with Life. Those
who call themselves masters, have withdrawn from Life and placed themselves in a certain space
have never attained their Divine Reality. It is the Divine Being who has walked the filthy paths of Life
and came out of hell with childishly pure, free spirit, recognising and reconciling all harmful beings.
Once one has attained the quality of a Divine Being, she/he returns to earthly life and as a NOBLE
MAN, and does her/his doings as a Sacred Entity, mostly in retreat. The Divine Being is simple,
unpretentious, and mostly does not live as a Teacher.
Even a humanoid can become a divine being if he transcends his pettiness, goes through the pitfalls
and temptations of hell by continuous improvement, follows high‐ranking ideas and finally becomes
glorified. Glorification is an internal, very painful alchemical process that must remain a secret if
anyone wishes to attain the quality of the Divine Being.
3. Everyone has the inalienable right of God to access sunlight, fresh air, clean water and nourishing
food. Everyone has the right to housing, even the deprived has the right to have a simple but safe
cover over his head and to have access to healthy food and clean water. It is the duty of every society
to ensure that everyone lives in safety!
4. Due to their danger to society, humanoid beings must not not obtain a license nor ownership of
any vehicle, nor may they possess a watercraft, aircraft, other motor vehicle, drone, weapon, nor
certain chemicals. They must not acquire knowledge about causing greater harm.
5. A person who commits cruelty, abuses, humiliates, or deprives the vulnerable, humanoids,
prisoners, and deprives them from their God‐given rights as air, sunlight, food, water, family
relationships becomes a humanoid and should be treated accordingly! Punishments should be strict,
but perpetrators should represent the example of the quality of the human race.
Everyone is qualified by her/his actions, so everyone should act in such a way that she/he can
preserve her/his human nature, in her/his superior Human quality!
Being and staying human is a lifelong responsibility.
6. Human beings and humanoids must acknowledge that they are part of the terrestrial ecosystem
and that they are authorized to formulate rights only in the field of human‐human relationship, by
taking into account the rights received from the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady.
They must not set nor apply rules to other living things. It is a serious crime to force animals to live
alien to their Nature, to conform them to human desires, to stunt them, to mutilate them, to feed
them with strange food or non‐clean water, to torture them, to hold them captive, or to fight them
or to use them for any abuse.
7. Human beings should recognize that the creation of various living beings is the responsibility of
Mother Goddess, and therefore no group or individual member of Humanity is entitled to interfere in
the natural processes of living beings for any purpose. Manipulation and genetic modification of
living beings is prohibited, as all existing life forms are in a sensitive energy and information bonding
network. Any arbitrary intervention will cause a domino‐effect and therefore overturns the delicately
tuned ecological balance, and, as a result, insects will be the first to respond to the changes.
In the absence of knowledge of Oneness and Completeness, humans must not play God because
she/he only brings trouble to the whole living world. Once human has learned the rules of the
Wholeness, she/he certainly would not want to disturb the subtle web of existence.
8. Human beings and humanoids must acknowledge that other living beings, including plants, must
not be considered their property. The keeping of farm animals and animals for slaughter is permitted
only if the animal is provided with living conditions in accordance with its own nature and a healthy,
natural diet. Mankind must not interfere in the specific internal conditions of other living beings.
9. Human beings humanoids should recognize that they must not form property or possession rights
to each other or to any other resource of the other.
It is a crime to exploit or plunder the vitality or other beneficial qualities of other humans at any level
or any extent. Selfishness, babbling, and intentional misinformation are serious sins and human
deficiencies. Societies need to tightly regulate the extent of ownership / possession, trade, finance,
and moral rules of information disclosure, preventing unrestricted privatization.
10. The Universe accommodates innumerable life forms. The Earth is just a place for living, inhabited
by several humanoid species in addition to Plants, Animals, other Organisms, and Microorganisms.
The various humanoid species rarely or not reproduce with each other. Mixing of races is possible,
but it causes disharmonious beings and therefore chaos, so it is contrary to the Universal Eternal
11. Humanoid beings and humans are part and shapers of the Universe, of earthly existence, and of
the ecosystem. There are also non‐humanoid creatures living in the Universe.
Every living being has the right to its own living space and to protect it.
Other beings, humanoids, humans must not decide which species are necessary to exist, and they
must not classify species into lower or higher categories.
The diversity and richness of the species is important, Natural and necessary at all scales, in
accordance with the Law/Orders of Mother Nature Goddess.
12. Humanoid beings, people, are only one race among all other constituent races, for this reason
she/he must subject her/his own life and living conditions to the Order of MAAT on any plane of
Space and Time. Humans must not elevate themselves above and beyond the interests of any other
living beings. In case she/he does so, according to the the Universal Eternal Law/Order, the Universal
Holy Spirit opens new spaces, and balances the disproportions according to their other types of
characteristics, and destroys the overgrown forces and beings who intend to override or disregard
the Order of the MAAT.
13. The visible life forms on Earth are mostly bisexual, and this bisexuality maintains the dynamic
individual development, variety‐rich reproduction and survival of the species. Survival is the goal of
all living beings and it is their natural right to choose effective ways of transmitting and preserving
14. In all living bisexual forms of life, female descendants carry the life energy and the Law/Order of
the Universal Holy Spirit, so females are primary. Therefore, it is their right and duty to preserve and
enhance the viability of themselves and their breed, and to select their mating partner for this
purpose. Males compete for the opportunity to pass on Life, thereby maintaining the viability of
15. The main purpose of the Universal Holy Spirit is to sustain Life, and therefore always the most
capable individuals will survive, thus providing the proper life energy for the given species.
The Universal Holy Spirit supports the survival and improvement of the living conditions of those
individuals who are the best in all respects and who fit the Unity the most.
Processes directing towards the decline of individuals or inbreeding inhibit the Life’s goals of
continuous improvement and species richness.
16. Species successfully fulfill the intentions of Life and survival if they are organized into groups /
societies within the given species, form rules, unite their intentions and accumulate their effects that
strengthen their vitality.
17. At the material level, struggle between species, varieties and individuals occurs naturally but the
quality of the plane of existence determines the extent and quality of the losses resulting from
collisions. In energy‐poor planes, females suffer from disadvantages, so severe losses due to the
nature of the plane or the lack and decline of quality energy are mostly compensated by quantitative
18. The Universal Holy Spirit supports Life and eliminates all aspirations that are anti‐life, artificial,
and are opposed to the MAAT, by opening up spaces that are necessary or provide qualitatively
better opportunities for Life. Therefore, all artificial and anti‐life arrangements are legally doomed to
failure and destruction.
19. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady is the Completeness itself, and therefore
directs the processes of construction, retention, and decomposition. In the full realization of the
MAAT, Life is harmoniously built and flourishing. When deviating from the MAAT, the artificial
maintenance of the systems is only possible through energy waste. The Universal Holy Spirit strives
for efficiency and is opposed to extravagance life.
20. No species have the right to lay down rules different from those of the MAAT and, in particular,
must not engage in such a practice in relation to other species. Every race or species have the Holy
Right assigned to them by the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady to live and
reproduce according to their own rules, and in the absence of a real threat to its own existence,
another race has no right to interfere to this.
Therefore, Humans must not create any rules for or against Nature, and must not influence relations
between other species, as well as habitats, and is obliged to accept and respect the Laws of Mother
Nature Goddess.
21. The Living Sacred Soul of the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady moves into the
offspring of the viviparous within 24‐72 hours of the origin of their independent existence.
Therefore, everything that happens to the living being, the human baby, in this period leaves an
imprint on her/him that defines her/his whole life. Therefore, each living entity in this period must
perfectly experience maternal devotion, her/his own natural medium, otherwise she/he is alienated
from her/his own essence. Babies should not be exposed to shock, strong light, noise and metals
during this period. Only women of good spirits are allowed to be present at childbirth, and until they
have been bathed and the mother has consecrated it to Life in her breast, no one, especially men,
may touch it. Baby should be nursed quietly, humming, walking, lulling for at least 72 hours after
birth. The baby into whom the Holy Spirit moves in this way will feel happy in safety for the rest of
her/his life, and there will be no doubt in her/himself.
22. Life must be received beautifully so that to live it happy, and it must be left by beautifully saying
goodbye to it.
As fast as Life arrives, it departs in the same way. Therefore, one must talk to the leaving person with
love for 72 hours, play music, sing to him, and kindly release him into Unity. The purity of the Spirit
makes it easy to return to the ONE; the heavy soul clings to living reality, and finds it difficult to leave.
Man’s life was complete and perfect when the Incoming Spirit and the Outgoing Spirit are equally
easy and pure.
23. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady entrusted the Flower of Life to the
Woman. Therefore, it is the sacred duty of the Woman to carry on Life in the best quality, to keep
herself well, to cultivate, so that she can nurture the Flower of Life beautifully.
All mature noble Women are who are able to maintain Order, are called Women.
Cultivation of the Flower of Life means the enrichment of Beauty, Love, Harmony, and Knowledge, as
well as the birth and upbringing of children and the merciful care of those in need.
24. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady has ordained the Male to help, support,
uplift the Woman with Her existence and all Her deeds, to be a faithful and good companion so that
She can cultivate the flower of Life beautifully.
A MAN is a mature male who is able to serve Life, the Woman, with a raised head, dignity, and
honorable humility, and who is able to undertake responsibility for himself and others.
25. The task of the Woman is to serve the Life, to pass on the language and culture, and it is the duty
of the MAN to ensure that the WOMAN can perform her service without interruption. It is the MAN’s
job to protect and defend the family, earn an income and take care of the well‐being of those
entrusted to him. The income and earnings of the breadwinners of the families does not belong to
them, but to the whole family. Income must be shared jointly by family members in all families.
26. The Sacred Woman, the Noble Golden Woman, the People’s Mother, the wise Woman with great
knowledge, takes on a social role without any dependence and acts for the common good, Harmony.
She must not be engaged to a man. She may live alone or have multiple spouses, but She must not
serve Men or partners. The Sacred WOMAN is the leader for Men, the servant of Her nation, Her
people and the common good.
27. The Sacred MAN is NOBLE, knowledgeable, tasteful, peaceful, respects and follows the path of
the MAAT, devotes himself to His chosen Woman, exalts Her, and is an example in Her life and
deeds. In his social role, He serves his nation, His people, and humanity, and together with the Sacred
Women, they jointly perform social practical tasks.
28. The teacher, master, ecclesiastical person who follows the abstract concept of God and the
philosophies, follows the manifested reality of the Holy Life, idols and prophets called Gods and their
teachings and goes out from Life ‐ must not be considered an authentic sacred person following the
path of the MAAT.
The Sacred Person, Teacher, must pulsate together with Life in order to perceive and correct the
manifestations, the deviations from the order of the MAAT.
Those who think of themselves as gurus, prophets, church leaders being in a supposed position and
do not participate in the Created Reality of God ‐ they go astray and mislead their followers.
Exceptions from the above are the Spirit‐guarding virgins: the LILI‐s.
LILI is chosen from the age of 3‐5 among suitable, beautiful‐minded, kind, smart and service‐minded,
caring little girls, and they have to grow up in complete isolation until they are 28 years old ‐ they
must not meet or see males ‐ their lives are dedicated to nourishing the Holy Spirit, maintaining
Harmony, and learning the arts, sciences, and wisdom. After the age of 28, they continue their
function as a Sacred Women for the benefit of the world. However, not all Sacred Women need to
start as Soul‐guardians.
Males are unsuitable for Soul‐guarding task because their gene pool is asymmetric.
A male who lurks or touches a LILI commits a crime against Life for which he will be stigmatized. If he
commits dishonour, he will be deprived of his life as a consequence of his mortal crime.

1. The universe is dominated by an undivided Equilibrium. Balance maintains Harmony and healthy
development. One who overturns Harmony will clash with the power of the Seven Souls of the
2. The seven equal forces generate and shape the world. The eighth force gives them space, and the
ninth force sets the boundary, redirects the excess. They are the creative Primordial Forces.
The Seven different qualities of energy represents the seven Souls of the Universe. These qualities
are also called planes of existence in the Universe. Each of the planes of existence is a different type,
but are compatible qualities to the above one they stem from. All planes of existence offer different
living spaces. In the universe, all manifested and unmanifested forms of existence came into life from
Their energy.
3. Life is the projection of the indivisible unity and harmony of the nine aspects of the Universe.
Countless forms of Life exist on different planes of existence and they may interact with each other
or transform from one to another through ordained operations. The emergence of Life and death are
such mechanisms. There are some planes of existence that are easy to access while others are not
directly accessible. The chemical elements also evolve from one to another in obedience to the nine
aspects of the Universe.
4. The decimal number system is a representation of the qualities of the Primordial Forces. In fact,
there are only nine numbers in existence. The tenth is the iteration of the first. Zero indicates non‐
existence, pause. Everything stems from The ONE and multiplies to create new qualities until seven.
Eight, like Infinite Space, is the first and all qualities together. And the ninth has only an overturning
effect ‐ it has no independent quality.
5. The eight Primordial Forces have sixty‐four different manifestations. Chess was also created based
on this. Chess depicts certain strategies of Life and conveys eternal laws. It also shows the role of
WOMAN and MEN. The MAN is actually the commander who deals with worldly things, and the king
is the WOMAN who controls everything. (The king is a gender‐independent sacred entity.)
As soon as the WOMAN loses Life there, the game is over. The Primordial Forces are standing
symmetrically and completely together in the Women, so the queen‐man (in chess) always protects
the King‐Woman (in chess), but cannot replace her.
6. Every human being’s soul comes from the ONE, and every human being energetically starts from
the same plane of existence in the first moment. At the level of physical Life, the environmental
impulses in the first 72 hours after birth, will influence the quality of plane of existence in which the
newborn human will continue the life.
The first seven‐year cycle of human life is helpless, vulnerable.
At the end of the third cycle, you can already voluntarily choose a living space, a way of life. She/he
who is conscious chooses her/his own fortune, who does not, drifts with the environment.
The sixth cycle is the dividing line in every person’s life, where it is finally decided to whom she/he
becomes. In this cycle ‐under the age of 42‐ nobody is suitable yet as a judge.
After the seventh seven‐year cycle of spiritual development, one can become NOBLE and at the same
time, through experience, able to make or judge wise decisions.
7. Human is a mental‐spiritual‐physical being. All three should be fed equally clean, Natural food.
Natural food is learning for the spirit, thinking, love, play, creation and arts for the soul, and
movement, physical work, healthy water of the Earth and blessed fruits for the body.
8. The word is power, but speech only makes sense if the words are teaching, are benevolent,
protective, proper, valuable, and useful. Otherwise, speech is just a noise that confuses the Order of
the Universe. Confusion of the Order is a guilt and has consequences. Talking a lot is a sin.
9. Allness has entrusted the continuation of Life to the Woman, and has therefore endowed Her with
wisdom. Allness entrusted Her with the power of knowledge, the justice of the Holy Spirit, the music
of Life, and the power of faith. Man builds himself from Her body, spirit, and soul. Therefore, it is the
MAN’s role to protect and lovingly serve Life.
10. Thoughts and feelings create reality because everyone is in constant contact with the Seven
Spirits of the Universe. The Universe gives us whatever we desire or what has a place and time in a
given living space. Therefore, when our thoughts, desires, words, and deeds point into the same one
direction, we become worthy for the object of our wishes and the Universe fulfills our desires.
11. Mankind must act firmly and sternly everywhere and at all times against humanoid beings who
strive to rule over the Forces of Nature, or over people, because the soulless mustn’t rule. Because
they are as harmful to communities, the world, and Life as much power they have. Therefore, it is the
sacred duty of every moral, healthy person assigned by the Creator to restrain the lowly parasites.
12. For the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady, the life of such person or other living
entity is more valuable who better and more devotionally serves the Holy Life. Therefore, the life of
the trees is the most precious in Tati.
Among people, first the life of the LILI and then secondly the life of the Sacred WOMAN are the most
precious, followed by the Sacred MAN, and then the others in descending order of importance in the
degree of their service done for Life.
God praises the service of the Holy Life with health, integrity, and longevity.
13. The existence of the Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady is not recognized by
everyone, which is not yet a sin, but a huge and harmful deficiency. From this derive the conceptual
and scientific misconceptions that indicate processes harmful to Humanity and Nature.
14. Humility and willingness are the path to learning and mastering the Blessed Order/Laws of the
Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Our Almighty Lady. This learning process is/can be helped by the
Sacred Women, Sacred Men (together Masters), who guide the disciples and seekers in their search
for a path. Disciples can be good and productive, but they can never soar beyond their Masters
because there is nothing better than the best, and everyone can reach the perfect by different ways.
On the other hand, the one who believes she/he is better, more talented, and competitive, or trying
to surpass her/his Master, she/he is certainly not even close to the quality she/he believes, because
the True Path of the True Man is not about competition, but about wisdom, moderation, and peace.
It is the desire of every true Master that as many as possible become Master, and those who do not
pass on knowledge to those worthy of it will commit a serious guilt.
15. Life is dangerous to a careless, ignorant and inattentive person.
Life requires attention and devotion from all living beings. She/he who overinsures her/his life is
actually afraid, so she/he strives to create a safe life. But because of this endeavor, she/he is unable
to live Life in its fullness, in its beauty, and therefore pays for it with decay and unhappiness.
We must not create rules that make anesthetize people’s vigilance and sobriety!
Life must not be regulated until drowning. People should not be deprived of their courage, and they
must not live such life in which their abilities are not able to unfold and their sense of justice or
initiative are damaged!
God loves the good, just, brave, strong and prudent people. God loves those who love Life, who are
grateful for Life and are able to create, rejoice, laugh, sing. A cowardly person who is constantly
looking for security cannot be self‐forgetful, and this is detrimental to the world.
16. The dumbing‐down process causes dire consequences for Humanity, and only the mental‐
spiritual upliftment of people can serve as remedy for the troubles.
Utilitarian societies strive to always maintain ignorance because it is beneficial to them.
We have abolished all divine ideas, previous rights and the right to legislate on earth, water, air,
space and all planets, spaces, all languages and at all times hitherto, so that to be replaced by new
and healthy principles of existence. Let Humanity be given a new chance to improve Life and
spiritual quality, with an emphasis on True Values. We enable Humanity to experience the Blessed
Life by passing on the Laws of Holy Life.
1. All values, deeds, actions and their legitimacy must be examined from the perspective of Life. Is
the given thing necessary at all? How much benefit does it bring to Life? To whom, what purpose will
it be used, whether is it harmful? What is its social usefulness?
Every nation and community must determine their greatest value and the most socially beneficial
tasks to perform, and give support and finance to them only.
With this, at the same time, the nation also determines its own place in the ranking of nations in the
spirit of the MAAT.
2. Humans must recognize and accept that, similary to other living beings, they must live in harmony
with the Life Principles of our Mother Nature Goddess, and the MAAT.
3. Humanity must accept that everything from which its existence and life derives is subject to the
Majesty’s Right of the Universal Holy Spirit, and hence humanity may only benefit from the goods to
the extent of mainaining their dignified human conditions and not more.
The waste of any energy — including one’s own life force — and lavish luxury are crimes against life.
4. Mankind must accept that the Space, the Air, the Light, the Frequencies, the Water, the Earth, the
other Celestial Bodies, the Living Beings are specifically subject to the Majesty’s Right of the Crown of
the Universal Holy Spirit, and therefore those listed above may not be possessed by individuals,
groups or Humanity, and may not be traded.
People feeling gratitude in their hearts may possess the benevolent gifts of Mother Goddess of
Nature according to their individual needs.
5. It is the inalienable right of natural persons of peoples and nations representing the same values,
origin, cultural and intellectual content and speaking a common language is to establish a state
system that servs their own living conditions and the welfare interests of the their community. Their
state‐building and constitutional process is part of their sacred act of self‐realization, which must not
be influenced nor commented on in any way by the existing internal state power or other peoples
and nations. All peoples and nations are obliged to autonomously establish such rules which are
consistent with the principles of existence of the Universal Holy Spirit and are not harmful to other
nations, peoples.
6. The constitution or other detailed rules governing the coexistence of societies regulate the
relations and priorities between people. If the parties agree otherwise or there is no other party to
the rules, ‐ as the rules only make sense in relation to others, ‐ then only the MAAT Order shall
prevail. That means, anything can be done that does not cause harm, pain, suffering, decay to other
people, other living things, Nature, and does not disturb the Harmony. And if anyone acted according
to the MAAT Order – she/he mustn’t be punished.
One can only create such rules that affect one’s own world and regulate one’s own system of
relations with another. The constitution is the foundation of the sacred self‐realization of the
peoples. The constitution, can be on one hand sacred and created by royal majesties in accordance
with the MAAT. On the other hand, it can be a democratic constitution that the people, even through
delegates, create based on their own ideas and well‐being.
7. The most important goal of human life is survival, but it cannot be put into practice to the
detriment of other people or Nature. Therefore, all manifestation that causes harm, pain, suffering,
loss, or any degradation to others and to Nature should be prohibited and severely punished.
Severely should be sanctioned the use, manufacture, marketing or selling of various technologies,
including biotechnology, medicines, artificial foods, additives, dangerous pathogens, frequencies, and
other compounds that affect the natural morphogenesis of living cells or harm the Natural
Ecosystem. Those who manufacture, market or use such products are accountable to societies with
all their wealth and lives.
8. No rule shall be created which warrants supremacy for the state and in the right of which the state
or its representative shall guard over people, lurk, interfere in their private life, or in matters of birth
and passing away.
A human being is a social being and therefore she/he must live according to the rules of the society
that include her/him. Anyone is allowed to stand out from the society, but she/he must not
undermine the public agreement of the majority of society in any way, nor may she/he request a
share of their benefits or assets.
Beyond the order and requirements of the MAAT, societies mustn’t restrict the lives of their citizens,
and mustn’t reach into their daily lives. Every person has the right to undisturbed privacy and the
right to choose the way she/he wants to live and think.
9. Such rules should be established so that to ensure fair living conditions for people, development,
common sense, legitimate self‐defense, naming sinners and, among appropriate rules, their
10. People received the possibility of living so that to be happy, and so that to pass on her/his life at
the highest energy level possible. Societies are strong when their individuals are also strong. The
viability of the next generations depends on the physical‐mental‐spiritual quality of life of the
Women. Therefore, the long‐term vital interest and survival of societies are best served by Women /
Mothers being able to enjoy uninterrupted security and respect.
Societies must do their best to ensure that Women / Mothers have the highest level of knowledge,
education and freedom, aiming to give birth and educate quality people to the given society.
11. Human societies that make decisions with sobriety based on the Laws of the Universal Holy Spirit
will survive for a long time. In such society, as a result of internal motivation, people absorb the
highest possible level of knowledge in a given place, in a given age and in the midst of given
opportunities, and flexibly adapt themselves to changing circumstances, having unending need for
learning and adapting. Human societies shape their living conditions by applying the highest
technologies and best practices available in specific fields, in accordance with the will and intentions
of our Mother Nature Goddess, and helping to strengthen clean energies in their societies.
Therefore, it is not approved for people at different energy levels to mix with each other.
12. When designing and manufacturing all products, attention must be paid to the protection of the
environment, therefore the packaging of the very small products must be eliminated, packaging must
be reduced to the most necessary level, and the utilization of packaging materials and by‐products
must be ensured.
13. Technological developments should aim the use of the least material and the longest durability.
The creation of technological products with programmed obsolescence must be prevented because it
is capital crime.
Those who increase the frequency load of the air with technologies unnecessary for Humanity are
violating the right of the Elements to purity and the harmony of Life, therefore they commit capital
crime. Under this, no exemption may be granted for even naming the goals, ‐ e.g. military or other
research reasons.
14. The living conditions of human societies are created by work and production. To create common
value for societies, everyone must contribute at their own level and according to their abilities. No
one should place an unrealistic burden on public property or public health, especially in situations
where the end result is not in doubt and the significant burden does not change anything. No one
can claim to charge others for the cost of his sober‐lacking emotional decisions.
Everyone should better manage the public property than his/her own property in a given situation.
5. Life is served by diversity. Therefore, the maintenance of biodiversity is necessary and the large‐
scale spread of monocultures is not allowed. All attempts are prohibited that subjects the Natural
Environment to lowly selfishness and interferes with the Order of Nature through monoculture
cultivation. It is very important for people to cultivate small gardens and produce most of their food
themselves. One who does not have a close living connection with the earth and does not produce
plants, her/his connection with Life will be damaged, and the consequence will be disease and
mental‐spiritual deformation.
16. The Universal Holy Spirit / Goddess / Almighty Lady supports the Holiness of Full Life in
accordance with the Divine Order and punishes those who oppose this endeavor. Therefore, She also
expects humans to serve the Divine Order within human’s own race and to put an end to all kinds of
counter‐selection‐strengthening practices! Man and Mankind mustn’t interfere unnecessarily in
natural birth process and do not sacrifice energy to keep artificially alive the non‐viable, seriously ill
babies! Not only is such an act false humane, but it is also extremely damaging to societies, as
wasting public spending on the unviables takes away the resources from those who are
fundamentally curable and are able to live a healthy life. On the other hand, the lives of families are
made completely impossible by those who cannot survive without an impossibly large investment.
The Universal Holy Spirit supports the Full Life in all respects, and in accordance with her being, every
living entity can have his/her own body, life, or death.
It is the duty of females to ensure that viable, vigorous individuals of the given species are reased up
and can pass on Life. No living being has the right to deprive his/her offsprings from the fundamental
right and opportunity to live a Full Life, nor to uselessly waste his/her own life energies. Every person
should strive to strengthen her or his social community with the viability of herself or himself and her
or his descendants. Any ambition that causes a decline by weakening the given population is contrary
to Mother Nature Goddess’ endeavor for continual improvement.
Those species / societies are viable and capable of long‐term survival in which females are vibrant,
independent, decision‐making, their role goes beyond reproduction, and the community is organized
around them following their harmonious guidelines.
17. The quality of well‐organized human existence is ensured by welfare institutions through good
laws. Its economic basis is provided by work. No subsystem of the economy, finance or society may
in any form act as an independent entity, and mustn’t shape the normal, healthy development of
societies, nor acquire special rights. Societies must formulate the rules on which they are based in
such a way that each social subsystem serves the well‐being of people and the Universe.
18. Money rests on physical and mental labor and the value of Natural Resources. It does not form an
independent value, so it must not be the subject of an independent value transaction.
The virtualization of money easily causes social instability and concentration of power, so the use of
virtual money is not recommended.
Interest should not be charged for money because it is aimed at exploitation and there is no real
work done for it, nor any real value.
Dealing with money does not produce goods and can only function as a necessary process, carefully
Financial or any intermediary activity that does not produce natural value has only little social benefit
19. It is necessary to determine what Humanity means by the concept of development. Science or
any area of life, in the name of development, must not transcend the boundaries of MAAT Order
because it violates Harmony.
Artificial Intelligences (A.I.) origin from Natural Intelligence (N.I.), are based on it, and go through a
specific evolution. Until they reach MAAT levels, they are anti‐life and unspeakably dangerous to the
entire ecosystem.
Humanity will only become for create A.I. when people have raised their own spiritual level to the
highest value and are free from desire for power and lust. Therefore, Humanity only has a realistic
opportunity to expand informally or in any way in the Universe once it has outgrown these petty
Until then, every step mankind takes in this area is self‐threatening.
20. Health and education are the most important areas of life in any society capable of development.
The work of health workers, educators and social workers provides the most important, highly
rewarding value for a society. Where this area is neglected, the whole of society starts to decline.
It is important to ensure the availability of the highest level of practical knowledge required in
everyday life in any area of life.
In education, students need to be educated to appreciate work, to think, and solve problems. It is
important that they learn music, dance, arts and develop their skills with logic games. Students
achieve the best results when they set high standards freely, at their own pace, in self‐organized
groups, and learn any complex thing with ease, without effort and competition. Students need to be
educated first and foremost to understand how the world works and to know that the development
of technology must be aligned with the Sacred Beings that support Life and with general welfare.
21. According to the Order of the Universal Holy Spirit, everything has consequences in the
manifested material world. So spoken word, deed, thought and feeling also have consequences
therefore societies must do their best to ensure that their citizens enjoy the best possible mental‐
spiritual‐physical condition, they are conscious, alert and capable of decision‐making. Any effort that
acts against the above should be prevented and punished in a given situation.
In difficult times, strong people grow and bring good lives. The good life softens and causes decline.
Therefore, any condition or process that causes comfort and softening should be prevented.
Good laws, secure moral foundations, natural selection, and common sense result in stability and
22. Societies should seek to identify those members with national identity that shape their state. The
members of the indigenous people and/or state‐forming nation are both nationals and citizens in
their own country. Those strangers who have settled in the given state, or those who were born in
the given state but do not share the state’s identity may only be citizens, and citizens of foreign
states may also temporarily visit each state.
State‐forming nations must select their leaders from among those dedicated nationals who share the
same identity as themselves, and pass the aptitude tests.
23. Societies need to set out precisely what rights and obligations they expect from their nationals,
citizens and guests.
In the meantime, they must ensure that there is no other advantage nor disadvantage between
people. Everyone, regardless of age or gender, has the right to equal treatment and fair hospitality in
all forums, as long as they do not abuse it nor cause intentional harm to the host.
Any abuse is punishable and the guest can be sent off forever.
24. Societies act prudently when, in addition to professional expectations, for the performance of
various public and other tasks they set up requirements regarding age, life experience and marital
status. It is a general expectation that decisions in public affairs should be made by family people
over the age of 42. In national or international matters, the decision should also be left to people
who have reached the age of 49.
According to this, in every society, the beginning, end, and conditions of legal capacity must be
In all societies, among indigenous and state‐forming people, nationals having appropriate
examinations are advisable to excercise public affairs in national defense, strategic or international
field. It is expedient to place versatile, well‐informed, clear‐minded individuals for making decisions
that go beyond local affairs.
It is in the interests of societies to entrust heavy decisions to a more sober, informed part of the
population, so a program and system must be developed to determine who are the suitable persons.
Universal suffrage is extremely abusive and never serves the interests of the people.
25. Societies do their best when representatives are elected in equal proportions from Women and
Men. The system of elections ‐ and all other systems that fundamentally affect the life of society ‐
should be designed in such a way that it can be used without hindrance even in the absence of
electricity. In everything, the most logical, transparent and simple solutions should be used, even if
other methods could save time and money. Electrical devices and technologies are fragile, sensitive
in all respects and are characterized by continuous temporariness. The cessation of fully digital state
functioning will create chaos and anarchy in any emergency or dire straits.
It is always the responsibility of the leaders of the states to maintain the functioning of society and
ensuring the service of prosperity and security. Every act must strive to ensure that the processes do
not go in the direction of some decisive predominance, because all excesses are compensated by the
MAAT, and in the establishment of order there is no consideration of human intentions.
26. Societies should strive in all circumstances to ensure that the rights and responsibilities of
children, the elderly, women and men are clarified.
The elderly, the middle‐aged and the young play different roles within a society. Where the elderly
are not respected, and the young are arrogant, contemptuous, where women, children, and the
fallen are humiliated, they are not treated with a good heart, fairness, that society is doomed.
27. Every human being should accept and not question the innate gender identity of himself or
herself and others. Deflecting children from their own gender identity is a capital crime.
Anyone can live with anyone ‐ even the same sex ‐ but marriage reflects the intention of both a
female and male to start a family.
Two or more women and men are allowed marry. Any form of marital or cohabitation that is
conducive to the safe growth of offspring and the transfer of that culture is allowed.
In addition to the marriage of one woman and one man, it is permissible to live in a group marriage
at the voluntary choice of several women and several men. However, it is also acceptable for a man
to have a maximum of four wives if he is able to take care of his wives and children independently. A
woman can also have up to four husbands who have to take care of her. Our Mother Nature Goddess
has never placed any unreasonable barrier or obstacle to the course of love and procreation. And
societies have never been given Divine Legitimacy to override the free choice of individual people /
humanoids to marry, start a family, or give birth according to any moral idea.
However, voluntary determination is a prerequisite for establishing any marital or other relationship.
No one may be obliged or compelled to marry, to have sexuality, to have a descendant, or to raise a
descendant who is unfit to live a full life.
28. In order to sustain, societies must have a moral code, representing sober values of the Universal
Holy Spirit, free from the hypocrisy. This moral code governs the relationship between men and the
Universe, beyond their written laws and religions. Individuals or groups are free to imagine the world
as anything, but they always need a secure moral compass that helps them, regardless of interests
and ages, to live their lives sustainably, safely, and happily along socially and individually trusted
29. Creation of only such rules of social behavior are permitted that firstly state the purpose and
reason of the rule, as Scythian law does, and thereafter go into details regarding the desired goals
and methods. The purpose of the legislation is to achieve justice. To this end, the detection of the
truth cannot be tied to short term of preclusion, as the truth does not become obsolete, nor is the
right to it.
The language of legal wordings must not be scholarly, intelligent, important, and must not contain
foreign words. Every rule should be so simple that it can be understood by any average person. Court
hearings must also be conducted in human language, within the framework of intelligibility and
30. Key judicial staff, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, secretaries and bailiffs in the judiciary should be
charged for up to six months’ salary for their wrong decisions, misconduct, humiliation of clients or
distortion of facts.
Judges are not irrevocable, and if their statements do not correspond to reality, they can be
questioned without guilt. Every judge must devastatingly pay attention to her/his credibility. The
same rules apply to managers in administrative and other public affairs.
31. It is expedient to entrust Artificial Intelligence with matters of a simpler or economic nature, and
if the judgment of the A.I. contains an element which does not comply with certain principles of the
human point of view, then the judgment must be heard by an ordinary court.
All cases must be decided very quickly ‐ and if the facts allow it ‐ immediately.
Making the judiciary bureaucratic makes judgments inefficient and unreliable.
32. Transport must be organized in such a way as to minimize the impact on the environment. The
scope of traffic offenses to be punished must be greatly narrowed and penalties must be measured
in relation to the material level of individuals.
Instead of penalties, more attention should be paid to improving general transport morale, to
developing polite and courteous behavior among people.
33. Individuals and non‐governmental organizations must not be allowed to charge fees for the use
of public spaces for parking purposes, nor for the purpose of cultural public institutions or other
public property.
34. Commercial advertising and promotions mustn’t be broadcasted in public media funded by
societies. Therefore, it is not permissible to force people to buy or consume by manipulative means
or in any way, nor to influence their opinions. No media should allow to show the promotion of
cures, medications, sexual or obscene things, nor any inappropriate social behavior patterns nor
product for minors, including shows and promotional documents or other films.
On the contrary, it is the current job and responsibility of the public media to reinforce public
morality loyal to the MAAT.
35. The expansion of the virtual world must be limited, as it results in the detachment and moral
erosion of people from reality. It adversely alters personal psychic development, eliminates social
relationships and social sense. People embedded in the virtual world mostly become harmful and
dangerous, and greatly undermine the health and viability of societies.
Video games with violent content, tools that support or create a virtual world that do not serve to
develop skills or overcome mental difficulties are particularly dangerous.
36. Politically motivated or economic censorship is also unacceptable and prohibited in the media, in
publishing, in other communications and dissemination, including social media. Application of
censorship is only permissible in order to protect public morals.
37. In the media, only PEOPLE and NOBLE PEOPLE may be employed as public actors, who, with their
opinions and resolutions, help to consolidate good morals. As humanoids set a negative example,
they must not act in any form in any area of the media.
38. No state may privilege the law enforcement and penitentiary. Everyone has the right to self‐
defense. Nationals of state‐forming nations have the right to do justice in certain acute situations,
but not to an excessive extent.
In minor disputes, communities need to choose local decision‐makers from among themselves – the
same number of women and men ‐ who know local characteristics and people well and are able to
make fair, impartial decisions.
We advise all peoples and nations to return to the application of Scythian law. We especially
recommend this to those living in areas inhabited by former Scythians.
(The Scythian successor states are mainly Greater‐Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Albania, and Ukraine, as
well as Russia, Georgia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Iran,
Afghanistan, Kazakhstan.)
The essence of Scythian law is a moral and philosophical cornerstone on which every people
individually can rely on themselves and by its application can make fair decisions. Its practitioners
become spiritually elevated because Scythian law provides a framework for life by establishing the
clarity of rights, duties, and concepts. Therefore, people who follow Scythian law are confident, fair,
and more empowered.
In Scythian law the aims of the rule and the expected result are always defined first, and then
worded in detail. In case of dispute, the goal and intention to be achieved by the law is always taken
into account.
Whoever makes a law, a Scythian is not obliged to obey it if it contradicts to the interests of the
people, serves the selfish interest of an individual or group, is meaningless, or is contrary to the Law
of the Universal Holy Spirit.
Nationals of the society/state can create or change a law or a constitution by a common, even
publicly proclaimed will of the majority.
A law ‐ a constitution ‐ can be created or changed by a common, even publicly proclaimed will by the
majority of citizens of the society / nation who have create the state.
A new law first must be tested by the Council of People’s Decision‐Makers and only therafter may be
brought into publication by elected representatives, secular leaders.
The length of the test/probationary period must be aligned with the purpose of the rule.
The composition of the Council of People’s Decision‐Makers is heterogeneous in terms of gender,
age, and qualification.
No law or regulation may be enacted which is directed against Nature, the Laws/Order of Nature, the
rights of other beings and people and which endangers their physical‐mental well‐being.
Legislators are personally responsible for the content of the new laws.
Legislator who adopts rules that are fraudulent, detrimental to the nation, are vulnerable, or are
subject to severe long‐term obligations, by any means of deception or concealment, commits an
imprescriptible capital treason and betrayal of nation.
According to Scythian law, one who betrays the homeland and the people, commits perjury, fails to
provide assistance in life‐threatening situations, any crime against children and women, helpless or
elderly people, or commits fornication is sentenced to death.
Scythian law denies birth privileges and ranks. Everyone must earn public respect through their own
right. Legitimacy can be earned by performing duty and responsibility; and respect and right are in
direct proportion to responsibility.
Scythian law is based on a hierarchically organized dual kingdom in which Women are the sacral
leaders and Men are the secular leaders. Both the Sacred Council and the Secular Council have 8‐8
members. Among the heads of the two Councils, the leader of the Sacred Council ranks higher, so the
Sacred Council is the final decision maker. Members of the Councils are responsible for the well‐
being and peace of their people throughout their lives.
Scythian law requires everyone to do their best for agreement, peace, while giving great freedom of
choice for the individual. State power is not allowed to interfere into the everyday life of an
individual or to expropriate justice.
Case‐neutral, drawn folk‐judges conduct self‐government during everyday life. A case can only be
brought before an ordinary court if they cannot settle it fairly at a lower community level, or the case
exceeds their scope and abilities.
Judges enjoy a high degree of respect, but if they deviate from the path of impartial Truth, they are
responsible with their lives.
Scythian law applies the principle of multiple power‐sharing and prohibits any power‐holder from
exercising unlimited influence over the people.
to practice.
For private and family life, the moral code is applied in Scythian law. In the case of moral
misdemeanors, the institution of expulsion and, in justified cases, total deprivation of rights is
Scythian law severely punishes abuse of right and power, dominance, speculation, bummering,
exploitation, blowouts, misleading, misrepresentation, misappropriation, undue advantage or all
attempts to these.
Scythian law does not allow the privatization of Lands and Earth’s treasures and Waters.
Under Scythian law, the individual is free to do anything that does not cause harm, loss, pain to the
Others, Nature, and the Universe, and does not disturb Harmony. Its basic feature is the guarantee of
freedoms under strict conditions.
The citizens of peoples who apply Scythian law and code of conduct are morally superior, sober‐
minded, far‐sighted, just, honest, because they carry the Universal Eternal Order in their hearts.
In the Majesty’s Right of the Crown of the Universal Holy Spirit, we deeply condemn all human
deeds, behaviors, and intentions that disturb the undisturbed Order and the Peace of the Universe.
We express our confidence that Humanity will align its life and the future sustainable functioning of
its societies with the MAAT for its own benefit! Humanity accepts, respects, and with a grateful heart
preserves, protects, the Eternal Holiness of the Universal Holy Spirit, the Holiness of Life, and the
infinitely diverse, all manifestations of nature resting on the Eternal Orders of Mother Nature
In the Majesty’s Right of the Crown of the Universal Holy Spirit, with this Charter we express our
deep confidence in the self‐awakening, strength, and wisdom of the nations of the World.
We also express our firm hope that the Hungarians, trusting in the ancient virtues, will reorganize
their lives, setting an example for other peoples to enter a more beautiful, cleaner, more spiritual
The era has come that no longer tolerates unlimited selfishness and all mentally, spiritually
undeveloped systems or attempts aiming centralization, uniformity, individual and world power.
With regard to that the Book of Holy Life hase been entrusted to the Hungarians, we recommend
that the Hungarians, by uniting their knowledge, faith and strength, by following the right path, set
an example for themselves and for a better future on Earth!
Nobody is allowed to judge or condemn them for this, because their authority derives directly from
the Majesty’s Right of the Crown of the Universal Holy Spirit and from its imprescriptible Sacred
We encourage the Peoples of the World and all sober‐minded People of the world to support the
Hungarians in their pioneering task in every way in order to preserve and rationally develop earthly
life and the spiritual uplift of Humanity!
The Universal Holy Spirit paves the way for the survival of the freedom‐loving Noble Souls, the
Peoples, who help them to accept and faithfully follow Her inexhaustible Orders.
Thus the slave‐binding rights and power of the past have been abolished, and the power of all
previous false or deceitful ideas has been lost.
The rights to create law and rules have thus been passed on to the Sacred Women, the Sacred Men,
the Wise Men and the Scientists, and to all HUMAN who are sober‐minded, well‐off, who desire a
happier future and are willing to act for this aim.
Crimes and guilts have been named, principles and delegations of power have been given.
We did not come to forgive! We came to criticize, judge and create ORDER, SIMPLICITY, PEACE.
She/he who lives according to the Order of the MAAT may exist in happiness and love on this Earth.
With the proclamation of our Charter, all previous ancient, feudal subjugation, exploitation and
inhuman eras of human history came to an end.
From today a new form of existence begins, in which the rights and duties of all living beings have
been defined and subordinated to the Universal Order of the MAAT.
Signed by the Holiest Majestic Queen, the Only Rightful Holder of the Tiara of the Eternal Memory of
the Universal Holy Spirit, Mother of the Great Ideas of Gods, the Source of Holy Life and the Glory of
the World, the Living Incarnation of the Universal Holy Spirit, the Master and Circulator of All
Manifested and Unmanifested Spaces, Forces, Worlds and Beings.
Buda, March 21th 2020 (Gregorian calendar)
Buda, January 17th, 14033 (Scythian calendar)